Normandy On June 6, 1944, the picturesque coast of Normandy became the scene of … Robert (Bob) Reynolds, WWII pilot with the RAF, founded Valor Tours, Ltd. 40 years ago to be a resource for veterans, their families, military service organizations, unit associations, reunion groups, historical societies and government institutions with an interest in the Pacific and Europe wartime theaters. Our D-Day Tour was designed by Stephen E. Ambrose, who first led this WWII tour in the late 1970s, and further developed by our historians. The itinerary is based on thousands of hours of interviews with D-Day veterans, studying of the battlefields, and other World War II … This is the largest Resistance memorial I have seen, 2014. World War II Tours D-Day to the Rhine Tour. Ngedebus Island Tour Ngedebus Island may be the best kept WWII secret in the Pacific. All of our forthcoming Scheduled World War 2 Tours are listed below. World War II Tours Choose from three exciting World War II tours Our WWII guided tours include Normandy, Berlin and Battle of the Bulge. Nationally known, award-winning author/military historian Wilbur Jones leads World War II battlefield tours to Europe, the Mediterranean, and Pacific for Valor Tours, Ltd. Memorial to French Resistance members killed from area around Brancion, Burgundy, France. Attacked by the 1st Marine Division on September 28th, 1944, Ngedebus was taken over to prevent re-supply of the beleaguered Japanese troops on Peleliu Island. The Holocaust Starts 6th April 2021 (8 days) Expert Historian - Dr Isabel Wollaston Some six million Poles died during the Second World War, half of whom were Jews murdered in the forests in the east of the country or the death camps set up after the German occupation. The Marines fought with brutal efficiency and secured the island after only one day of intense combat. Click on the name of a tour below to reveal more information about each tour.
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