If you expected a definitive diagnosis or … The only problem was that there was a slight hum/static from the hard drive. 100% Upvoted. In what follows, I discuss the solution that worked for me in hopes that it may also help you. I'm just praying its not my sound card because I really don't want to have to … hide. Live performance mics are great for live performances but tend to be very underwhelming in a studio setting. 3 comments. share. im using a behringer q502usb that i just got after having sent it back becuase it got messed up. Please keep in mind the significant hurdles I face: I cannot see you, examine you, see your labs, review your studies, get your complete medical/surgical or family history, or most important or all, SPEAK with you like your regular doctor can. I have a problem with my at2020 xlr microphone. The idea is that at the camcorder end, it would re-flip the balanced side and use this to help cut out any crackles and … I had been recording voice tracks for commercials on my 5-yr old Dell laptop, running XP, with a Logitech headset/mic combo. At 1st I thought it was my plug in mic, but when I record on the mic that is build into my counputer it sounds the same. 2. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. 3. Why do you have to leave a review? This is not necessary, but we recommend that you do this to help others buy a good microphone and bypass the bad ones. This thread is archived. Under Input, ensure that the correct microphone is selected, then click on Device properties. In balancing, the radio mic receiver takes your mono sound and makes an equal but out of phase copy. I got a new Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop, running Win 7 Ultimate, downloaded Audacity and started recording voice tracks with the Logitech headset/mic. The playback had that hollow, slightly … Coachrobmd : This is the very best information I can provide for you with the background limited details you provided. All of my clips sound like they're underwater, it sounds worse the louder it gets its like distortion i guess, im not sure how to fix this, maybe im not using the right settings i dont know. I personally love the tone of the SM58 for recording but some people do find it a bit muffled with a lot of low end….it also isn’t a condenser mic, it’s dynamic. The quality was actually worse than that of the mic attached to my headset and I couldn’t figure out what I was missing. report. save. A big mistake people make when they try recording for the first time is using a popular live performance mic like an SM58 instead of a recording mic. 1. These are sent down the Left and Right sides of the 3.5mm jack and should only be plugged into equipment that is expecting a mono, balanced signal (which the camcorder is not). My voice sounds distrorted when I record it on vioce recorder. for some reason it sounds like i'm talking in a very far away from my mic even doe i am very close to my mic. If … Right-click the Sound icon in the System Tray and select Open Sound Settings. New comments cannot be posted and … Here is a clip from my channel, its easily noticed especially w headphones. In the … Why is this & how can it be fixed? Once the mic test is complete, you can leave a review about your microphone. When I talk into either the bulit in microphone or the one I plug into the mic jack it sounds like I'm under water. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. video w distorted audio .
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