Once it’s in, take the wood chips or chunks you want to use and put them straight into the firebox without soaking it. But another advantage of it is that it functions as another fuel source. In a standard offset smoker, the heat in the smoker varies depending on the area in the cooking chamber. The heat from the fire is then transferred to the cooking chamber, where your meat lies in wait. Do you think a horizontal or vertical offset smoker suits the space best? The labor and skills part of the process comes into play when you try to control the temperature and the smoke. If you’re looking to get an offset smoker, you might be confused when your search also yields reverse flow smokers. Control the smoke. Put it in the firebox in a pyramid shape. A good rule to follow is to clean your offset smoker after every batch of meat. You can also do a test run with the meat you want to smoke. Use protective gear, like barbeque gloves, if need be. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The next tip is essential. It’s in the space it takes up, the focus it requires, and the look it sports. Doing this makes sure that you’re able to maintain the temperature you’ve already achieved. Enjoy your meat, and know that you’ll get better at it in time. It’s important to remember that at this point in time, the cooking chamber lid should be kept closed so as to contain the hot air where the grill grates are. Buying an offset smoker is only half the battle. Base the amount of smoke on how much the meat needs to take on the flavor. But if your unit doesn’t have one, you can easily add a water pan by taking a non-flammable container and filling it up with water. According to Meathead Goldwyn, water pans can go over the heat source or under the meat, depending on the style of cooker you are using, and the desired effect.They can aid in maintaining temperature or adding moisture to the environment. Provided that you’ve achieved the good kind of smoke, then the next thing you need to do is control it. Perhaps the most notable disadvantage of an offset smoker is the fact that it isn’t as insulated as other smokers. This is something you can do with the temperature gauge that you can usually find on the chamber lid. I can’t think of a more fitting combo that leads to mastering the art of BBQ one day. You’re going to have to make use of the airflow vent on the side, also known as the damper. You need to learn how to use it, how to move with it, how to dance with it. Aside from a water pan, another thing you might want to use is a thermometer or temperature probe. When you’ve got your fire management under your belt, go ahead and pour the burning charcoal into the firebox. Think of it as an investment instead of an additional cost. Location Of Pan In The Smoker. Pile this batch of charcoal on one side so that you can start the burning of the other side without having to stoke it. While you’re waiting for the charcoal to catch fire, you need to prepare the smoker for cooking. What you can do to compensate is to adjust the amount of charcoal and wood you’re going to use. The best offset smokers in the market are even equipped with reverse flow technology – a topic that we’ll delve into in the next section. This is arguably the easiest part of the process if a bit tedious. Aside from the firebox, an offset smoker is also equipped with air intake vents and exhaust vents that make it possible to control heat and smoke. Using a water pan is one of the most well-known secrets of smoking meat. Different smokers have different grate sizes, and also different builds will impact heavily on airflow. You control the amount of smoke by tinkering with the chimney and by adjusting the air intake vents. Once you’ve served and eaten your smoked meat, it’s easy to forget about cleaning your smoker. If you keep opening the lid, you’re substantially slowing down the entire cooking process. It’s harder to maintain constant heat in this type of smoker. Look at your surroundings, and remove anything that might be flammable. I can’t think of a more fitting combo that leads to mastering the art of BBQ one day. The one current gripe that most smokers have with any unit is that the included temperature gauge or control doesn’t always seem accurate.
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