Its something that many gardeners are simply not aware of. You can always mix some compost in with topsoil if you want to ensure high levels of organic matter within your topsoil layer. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. This will punch divot holes into the ground and allow the nutritious compost to reach the roots of the grass. An existing lawn top-dressed with a ½” layer of compost every year or two will be healthier than an unamended lawn. Applying compost in spring after mowing the lawn for the first time is also effective. It’s too potent and expensive to be used as the sole medium for most yard projects. 2. But compost is also beneficial to the environment at large, adding valuable nutrients to your soil and serving as an alternative to harmful chemical fertilizers. Compost piles are a continuous gardening practice that many gardeners use. For new lawns, a 2 to 3″ layer of compost is best when planting. Want info, advice or inspiration to help you achieve a higher level of “green living”? We’ve gathered them here so you can join in the helping us make Hampton Roads a cleaner, greener place in which to live, work and play. Set the materials you’ve gathered into two separate … Help get others’ heads out of the sand by making a secure tax-deductible donation to EarthTalk Inc., the 501(c)3 behind, the syndicated EarthTalk Q&A column and Sea Change Radio. We are a force and a resource, working to help you improve and protect our waterways, infrastructure and recycling activities through information and inspiration. Once the new lawn is established, a ¼ to ½” layer yearly will maintain the quality of the soil. Plan to spread compost on your lawn in fall before the first frost. Apply compost to bare areas or burnt spots on your lawn. Do not use animal products such as grease, fat or meat trimmings, or dairy products because they break down very slowly, attract rodents and other pests, and have an unpleasant odor when they decompose. Quality, organic compost is one of the most effective means of increasing your lawn’s health and well-being. Using compost on grass is not entirely like adding it to a garden bed. Turf experts often recommend "topdressing" lawns with a thin layer of compost. Here’s what you’ll need: an aerator, a shovel, a rake, and the right amount of compost for your yard. Screen your compost. Being a natural fighter against thatch and soil compaction also makes adding compost a logical choice for a healthy lawn. When you add compost to your lawn you can expect it to turn green and stay green for a long time. Not only is the URL of this website, it’s also the name of a Hampton Roads region-wide environmental program that was created to improve public awareness of the benefits of being “green.” It’s also a resource filled with information and inspiration. After purchasing the compost, use an aerating tool over the entire surface of the lawn. Compost is a natural and effective way to support not only the local environment but your mini backyard environment with good gardening practices. Help up keep preaching beyond the choir on green living, sustainability and climate change with your contribution today. I recommend walking backwards while scattering the compost, so that your stepping doesn’t compact it down onto your lawn. Meats. Here are a few helpful steps to guide you as you apply compost to your lawn. Compost is a mixture of vegetative matter that has broken down during time to form a rich mixture of humus. Compost is typically sold by the cubic yard. You can access our current or ongoing campaigns here and help us spread the word. Many yards are prone to thatch build up in the fall. There’s rich, fertile ground in this section! Have you seen a recent TV spot? Adding compost introduces nutrients and prevents soil compaction. Our site allows you to save content for easy reference or to enjoy at a later time. 3. I recommend walking backwards while scattering the compost, so that your stepping doesn’t compact it … Kelly Holland is a gardening and landscape design writer who loves experimenting in her kitchen. A former lawn care professional, Philip now spends his time sharing what he knows with others. Want to know what’s going on? You’ve come to the perfect place. Compost is used for lawn seeding, and for enhancing your soil with life-affirming nutrients that cause your landscapes to glow. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, this is a great resource for classes, from recycling and fundraising ideas to grant opportunities and more. Compost topdressing is done to revitalize your existing lawn and involves spreading ¼ inch of compost. Use a rake to spread the compost and ensure it settles down into the soil. After aerating, use the shovel to scatter compost evenly across your lawn. When he’s not blogging about lawn management at The Lawn Enthusiast, you can find him tending to his own front yard down in Loganville, Georgia. When your soil is compacted, your plants cant grow well. Adding compost to your lawn is more commonly known as a top dressing (that certainly sounds nicer, anyway!). Dig in lightly with a bow rake, and leave the compost to rest a week or two before you plant seeds or starts. Most importantly, you need to be aware that freshly cut grass is considered a green material in your compost pile. The slower fall season allows the lawn to properly absorb the compost without too much foot traffic as well. This helps the compost to seep further down into the soil. Tagged with adding compost to lawns, overseeding a lawn, pro gro “Organic Gardening – Not Just in the Northeast” Henry’s latest Book, Organic Gardening (not just) in the Northeast: A Hands-On Month-by-Month Guide is now available for $21.00 INCLUDING postage. From rack cards to radio spots, you’ll find everything you need here in the media center. Top-dressing is especially helpful in arid climates or during dry or breezy spells, where the soil and seeds easily dry out within hours. In this section, you can get the inside scoop on heating and cooling efficiency, finding and fixing leaks, preventing clogged or frozen pipes plus a whole lot more.
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