... for Walt Disney Studios and the guy behind the dog … Modern Family Review: "Good Cop Bad Dog" (Episode 2.22) By Christine N. Ziemba | May 12, 2011 ... “Good Cop Bad Dog” was an uneven episode, but it still had it moments. The episode originally aired on May 11, 2011, on … Phil and Claire swap parenting roles for a day. It also proved that … A guide to The Modern Family episode `Good Cop Bad Dog`, the twenty-second episode of Season 2, which aired May 11, 2011. The system had bland treats for when they acted up and good treats when they behaved themselves. Gloria pushes for Jay to help her entrepreneur friend with his dog … "Good Cop Bad Dog" is the 22nd episode of the American comedy television series Modern Family's second season and the 46th episode overall. Of course, Stella the dog preferred the bad doggie treats. Jay has to break the bad … Guillermo wants Jay to get in on the ground floor ("Actually, she's peeing on the ground floor.") ... was that dogs are best trained by giving them treats for good behavior. Good Dog, Bad Dog Dog training philosophies go in cycles.
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