A-B C D E-G H-J K-L M-N O-P R S T-V W-Z A - B. Acipayam. Baluchi. Adult males weight approximately 37 kg. The West African Dwarf is the predominant breed of the humid tropics from southern west Africa through central Africa. Barbados Blackbelly. Balami is most predominant in the North eastern part of Nigeria. American Blackbelly. Awassi. … The breeds are Balami, Uda, west African Dwarf sheep and Yankasa. This breed is closely related to the Barbados Blackbelly, a heritage variety … American Blackbelly. Arabi. … This breed is also trypanotolerant. Their color is generally black piebald on white. The males have horns while the females are hornless. A. Copyright © 1995-2015 Oklahoma State University Board of Regents. Arapawa Island. The black patches on its nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet and otherwise light woolly coats make them quite unmistakeable. Afghan Arabi. --> Please mail your original copies with our email form Altay. Stephan Wildeus). Ewes have mature weights of 25 kg. Balwen Welsh Mountain. Alcarrena. Tan piebald on white, predominately colored (tan or black) and the blackbelly pattern are also found. They tend to have a short lambing interval. Currently it is raised mainly for meat production, and it is also classified as a hair sheep breed. Origin. Apennine. All rights reserved. Picture.