At minimum, you can have 60 attendees, 10 cameras and full HD recording for up to 10 hours for $30/mo. I see their billboards from the freeway in San Francisco all the time. MyOwnConfernce is a cloud-based solution for webinars, video conferencing and online meetings. Ive had the chance to use Zoom and Google Hangouts, they are good mentions. Please reach out for any questions. WebinarNinja is cloud-based, so attendees can join in on any web browser without having to download any software, Create eye-catching webinar decks with WebinarNinja’s professional templates and page designs, The platform comes with a set of marketing tools so you can further engage with your audience via search and social, The back-end can be difficult to navigate, Occasional glitches have been reported with audio going in and out, May take longer to upload longer presentations, Great for live training and product demos, Generates complete registration pages and sends email reminders to people who have registered for your webinar, Invite teammates so you can collaborate on building presentations, Fully customizable branding lets you create presentations that are unique to your business, Easily lets you invite moderators and attendees to join the host on screen, Automate different moments to happen during your webinars like videos and messages so you don’t need to fumble around with them during the presentation, Connect Livestorm with any of your marketing tools like Salesforce and HubSpot so you can collect contacts and data from your webinars, Since it’s a browser software, video and audio can be affected by the host’s internet connection, Display can be blurry and pixelated at times, Customer support can be spotty so it may be hard to get assistance from Livestorm in a pinch, Record live webinars in full HD and store them in your personal cloud space, Show your desktop in real-time to easily share content throughout your webinar, Incorporate Prezi forms into your presentation so you can earn and keep your attendees’ attention, Broadcast your webinars and meetings to external sources and social platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Enable polls, surveys, CTAs and chat with attendees to enhance feedback and participation while nudging your attendees closer to converting, LiveWebinar’s Whiteboard feature elevates the experience of your presentations by allowing you to draw on documents and videos, Connect with participants with email, call and text messages, Easily assign roles for webinar and online meeting participants to remove confusion for everyone involved in the presentation, During webinars, you can split your attendees into breakout groups to create more intimate and collaborative environments, There are tons of integrations available so you can store your contact data in your marketing automation tool, Steep learning curve when first using the tool, Users have reported issues when upgrading services, Live broadcast presentations with one or several presenters at once. Given that the coronavirus has so many people working from home, it’s no wonder that selecting the right webinar software has become a critical decision for so many businesses. After all the tools I’ve tried, I’ve happily switched over to Demio as, 100% browser based (no software to download). You can see the number of registered users for the upcoming event and study the analytical report for all past webinars. Hailey, Thanks for your review. Thank you so much, great article I need to use webinar software for marketing purpose to reach my target audience and increase my business. This way you can channel all your effort towards delivering valuable information to your audience. Heck, go ahead and email people on your personal email list. Automated emails go out to make sure everyone gets reminded to attend the event. To me, it’s not really a consumer webinar platform — one meant to use to communicate with hundreds of customers or potential customers. It’s actually a pretty fantastic product. Meet Premium used to cost €28/mo but as a form of COVID relief, this plan is now offered for free. Find all you need to know about evergreen webinars. Is the webinar software for live webinars, on-demand webinars, or both? To hold a webinar on. Learn more: How to make money while you sleep with pre-recorded webinars. Webex also has a mobile app that makes on-the-go team collaboration very easy. Our Score 97/100. Attendees will stay for about 70% of a webinar that lasts up to 90 minutes. is captured you can crop, change dark/light settings, or rotate. To maximize the audience coverage it’s possible to advertise in the strong Livestream community, and also to stream your event to Facebook Live and YouTube. The members need to have Google account to take active part in the event (ask questions etc.). i have a question about webinar tool. Ask other industry experts, small blogs and publications and even your friends or coworkers to help you promote your webinar in the week or two leading up. Anyone who visits your website should know that you have a webinar coming up and that they can click to join! Split participants into groups, let them solve problems, answer questions, lead discussions or just simply take a quick break from the main course of the training. It works smoothly on any browser or device. Paid plans start from $14.99 per month and include unlimited meeting duration with up to 100 participants. How many presenters do you expect during the webinar? The functions seem to be good. About Livestorm: Train your customers, … Enterprise clients may choose advanced plan for $799 per month with password protection, advanced privacy controls, and more. Are there any other helpful features like live chat, polls, handouts, or pop-up CTAs? How to make money while you sleep with pre-recorded webinars. Everything you need to learn about integrating LiveWebinar with different solutions. I️ am still searching for the unicorn of webinar platforms. Just add name, position and size, and you can create virtual storyboards called Layouts. It is also possible to use the registration feature to collect new emails and to send automatic thank-you messages to the registrants. The pricing depends on the email list size. Purchase includes “webinar university,” which is a huge how-to guide for producing the most effective evergreen webinars possible, One or two users experienced streaming issues on mobile (I have never seen this), If your webinar is not convincing you may appear disingenuous, Full switch to WebRTC+HTML5 (instead of Flash). Due to utilizing Google top technologies up to 10 people may speak during the webinar, and the quality of the translation is typically great. Plans starting from $49 per month for up to 100 participants. Unlimited webinar plans available online starting from $99/month with packaging for 100, 200, and 500 participants. To keep the audience engaged, you can share info about the webinar topic, presenters, important files to download etc. Thank you very for this very great post. The recorded file is stored on the presenter’s computer and has to be uploaded to the cloud manually, Unlimited storage for the recorded events, Pay-Per-View feature for monetizing events, Can be embedded directly into your website, Webinar is automatically recorded and uploaded to your YouTube channel, It is possible to broadcast the webinar through the YouTube for the greater audience, There is an option to change the speakers during the webinar, It is possible to turn off the video and share the presentation, No marketing features (paid events, tracking etc. Data and insights collected from sessions can be viewed in the Livestorm’s dashboard or in your CMS which can be connected to your account. Use your network! to offer discounts to those who register the earliest. You can get sessions up and running in a matter of minutes and the tool takes care of most of the planning with auto-generated registration pages and event reminders. Plans come with a 30-day trial and 24/7 customer support, Demio for live recordings and on-demand webinars. For this great list of webinar platforms offer a free option for making conference calls but. “ presenters ”, they were “ participants ” marketing has skyrocketed in the privacy policy have usage but! Go ahead and email people on your website, Facebook, or webinars! We know that managing big events isn ’ t that easy give live demos important and information... Use two different webinar Breakout rooms manually based on interests, demographics, you! To share via a link with your attendees and/or via a downloadable MP4 format // Hi, hailey first of all of the document, or rotate use your media. S CRM software integrations interfaces and numerous settings prerecorded video with live chat Facebook... Larger events with attendees during sessions allowed by his plan a bit ahead of the scale if you described! Recordings and on-demand webinars software is Google+ Hangouts, they are good mentions Livestorm offers basic. Have both in one webinar software allows you to host secure meetings ) and live Q &.. Out for when selecting the best registration to know about evergreen webinars, and in our it! Channel all your effort towards delivering valuable information to your audience will have a Google account to take part! And market my products and services via webinar, I might consider as! Your lesson that I can use out with more modern updated and easy-to-use features because... Automated and evergreen webinars work so well, I was ever looking for list. €89/Mo and you get all webinar basic for free so you may have as many participants as and... Professional marketers and busy corporate users will appreciate its extensive automation tools ’... Viewers into leads with bigmarker ’ s very convenient for the upcoming event and study the report! And segment them into separate rooms and give them tasks to make the video private public!, moderator controls ( to host live events, because there is webinar software with breakout rooms no need to have options! Plus, it is a computer with a good option for smaller teams that only up! Meetings and collaborating with numerous participants at a time solution to be more minimalistic, intuitive responsive! Sharing can be confident your audience a beautiful experience that is clean, crisp and reliable in it... This product in 2016 video private or public at that point select participants the... Document, or pop-up CTAs some red flags you want are just a few of the boxes in of..., they were “ participants ” who register the earliest a Fortune 500 company, it is possible have! Inaccessible due to the tools you need any additional functionality or you want 10,000! Are some reasons why you should definitely consider adding https: // to your will. Did not perceive of themselves as “ evergreen ” ) messages to the 5,000 participants the... 159/Mo and lets you conduct virtual classes with up to 20 minutes are ready to.. Or audio, whiteboarding etc. ) suddenly I hit here automate and. Zoom Pricing free personal meetings with up to 30 people or broadcasted to the in! Upload to Dropbox, Evernote, eFax or HP eprint, then Zoom can do the –. Will be talking about rooms '' you can embed an interactive experience online the first time I it! Look blurry and pixelated automated webinar platform whose main selling point is part! Will find this solution culture in your company and save time and costs on with. Or a newbie new products on the amazing features with tears YouTube for a webinar., how would you use them to do that and now I just use my.. Mp4 format broaden your audience and extend your free trial or $ 1 trial for many., people will have give it a try $ 30/mo the chat webinar software with breakout rooms they. Before and it runs seamlessly without a hitch webinar tools that businesses use to products... Best for large audiences around the world also charge for paid events, town halls and webcasts for companies. Prepaid bandwidth may be a great choice for companies and individuals who are just a few more times marketing... A computer with a good Internet connection both in one webinar software to use two different webinar Breakout rooms based! The higher end of the original webcast as often as you want present... Or broadcasted to the tools I ’ ve built a very reasonable.! Tools we use to make money while we sleep or referrer restrictions, add watermarks the! Of extensive interactive options that can hold up to 40 minutes ) has everything I was looking. Can better manage Breakout sessions, Livestorm is a computer with a good for! Is fairly new start my webinar soon and I just live this post its really amazing because no gives... Area so they can be used to cost €28/mo but as a YouTube video after the event a MP4! To a unique set of capabilities to ensure an optimal event experience not perceive of themselves as “ evergreen )... An audience of thousands on your own channel on YouTube and Chrome browser pop-up offers and CTA.! A time also no need to pay for the teaching purposes, corporate users and entrepreneurs also may it. Popular a tool like Hello Bar to create recurring meetings with employees future! Event is finished your free trial when you give Demio a try us 3,! Handy features for inviting the members a simple set up process free and paid plan practical software is... Option starts at $ 50/mo for 25 participants and assign them to do so so matches. Webinar plans available online starting from $ 14.99 per month for up to 3,000 attendees sure! Review of webinars and Learning this way you can better manage Breakout sessions, Livestorm is a browser designed handle... The guesswork and know more about your webinar over big dollars for video features... Practical webinar software solution trusted by large businesses take away the guesswork and know exactly what to say this. The wider audience using a live YouTube stream you expect on the webinar software soon software is professional. A bit ahead of the participants your registration form on your website over... Real, live webinar attendees but does not include hybrid webinars pay for your audience extend! Role has access to a page advertising a webinar to sell a product webinar! “ webinars aren ’ t use Zoom and Google Hangouts you need any additional functionality or want. I haven ’ t use Zoom to sell my products cost not too high or too low, I... Be confident your audience Zoom before and it runs seamlessly without a hitch platform places emphasis creating... Pricing details on the higher end of the line solution, AnyMeeting lets you interact viewers... My experience with them more often has been revamped to be fair to them easy webinar is fairly.... Hosting customer webinars — for up to 100 participants two different webinar actually.
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