Chord #1 — “The Major Triad” Become a Musicnotes Pro - Plus member today and receive PDFs included with every song plus take 15% off all digital sheet music purchases! The 2nd and 6th notes of the major scale are not used. About 'Cool Blues' Artist: Bruce, David (sheet music)The Artist: David Bruce has a growing reputation as a composer, with commissions from Carnegie Hall, the San … lower down the piano. Some of the most famous blues, boogie and rock ‘n’ roll songs use this simple chord technique – artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Ray Charles and Fats Domino would use these chords in a lot of their legendary songs. The chords used are basically major triads and dominant seventh chords and although minor, extended, and altered chords are used by modern players, the chords associated with Blues piano are major triads and dominant seventh chords. The ‘Father of the Blues’ WC Handy was a pianist who wrote a lot of early up-tempo Blues songs, but in New Orleans, especially in the ‘cat-houses’ of Storyville, a slow, drag-out piano Blues emerged. Become familiar with the piano keyboard, musical alphabet, notes, scales, and finger warm-ups. The blues scale is made from the 1st, flattened 3rd, 4th, flattened 5th, 5th and flattened 7th notes from the major scale above. The easiest way to learn blues piano is to learn the LEFT HAND rhythms LONG before you learn all the fancy licks in the RIGHT HAND. Playing the blues often comes down to a straight forward chord progression, which anyone can learn and play on the piano within minutes. A blues scale consists of 6 different notes, namely the root, flat 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th and flat 7th of the major scale: 1 – b3 – 4 – b5 – 5 – b7.For instance, in the C blues scale the notes are C … The Blues style of music is one of the most played genres by those that love to improvise. Just like with any type of music there is a specific set of rules and some guidelines as to how to play this particular style of music on the piano. The harmony of Blues music is not usually sophisticated. 1200 scores found for "Blues" en PIANO ALL INSTRUMENTATIONS Guitar notes and tablatures (2127) Piano solo (1880) Piano, Vocal and Guitar (1331) Guitar (1076) Jazz Ensemble (313) Bass guitar (303) Harmonica (290) Guitare (275) B Flat, E Flat, C and Bass c… Become familiar with the pentatonic and blues scales. Firstly, how do you form a blues scale? To flatten a note, just replace it with the piano key lower in pitch ie. Let’s learn the blues scales on piano and keyboard in every key. Gain knowledge of repeating blues phrases. Blues Piano Chords.
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