However, principals who want to possess transformational leadership can be confronted with challenges from practical problems. In 1978, James MacGregor Burns, a political scientist and historian, introduced a leadership theory that he called transformational leadership. leadership for school improvement at the very time, fi-nally make school get out of mess and realize transition in difficulties. The research question that has been posed in this study is whether a transformational educational leadership style is really effective in educational leadership. Thus transformational leadership is a cru-cial quality of principals. In Transformational leadership is defined as a social process in which a member or members of a group or organization influence the interpretation of internal and external models of leadership inhibit the capacity for change, while transformational leadership uses resources and relationships as a successful model for educational leaders. The History Behind Transformational Leadership. As it pertains to the field of education, often it is thought of as something that happens outside the classroom walls. DISTRIBUTED AND TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP THEORIES iv Abstract In Saudi Arabia, the lack of representation of women in senior educational leadership is a problem that continues to plague the quality of K–12 educations in girls’ schools in the nation. Transformational leadership is a model of leadership used across the spectrum of politics, education, entertainment, finance, technology, and other industries. Researchers as Burns was interested in the leadership styles used by key figures in history, including Mahatma Gandhi, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Educational Leadership TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP IN THE SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASSROOM AND ITS IMPACT ON STUDENT CONNECTEDNESS ABSTRACT The study of leadership is often relegated to the political or business world.
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