Here are 10 ways to do that, according to a new infographic from Fundera: Power your recruiting success. One of the best ways to use empathy statements is by sharing their own experiences with the customers. Here is the example of good empathy statements that can be used while signing off with a customer and staying empathetic. Have we discussed everything that you wanted?”, 30. It requires your complete attention to the conversation and you are ready to take responsibility for them. Always appreciate and thank them for spending time to share their feedback with you. Customers want to know and feel that agents are people just like them – and what greater form of empathy is there than the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. When you use such empathy statements for customer service, it shows that you are taking control of the situation, which allows the customer to feel as if the problem has been handed over to the agents. Expressing empathy is a good, natural, and honest way to promote relationships, both personally and professionally. Scenario based examples are very helpful in incorporating empathy in both the traditional and virtual classroom. In case your sales team fails to understand your customers, how can you expect them to explain how your products or services fit their lives? And that’s how there is an increase in customer lifetime value (CLTV) and loyalty towards your business. Live chat, email, messaging, social, ticketing & knowledge base – all in one, for free! Customer service agents must practice active listening to understand the entire customer journey. Here is the example of empathy statements below to show how to reassure customers. All of us go on autopilot at some point or another. Here are some examples of empathy statements for a call center that shows that you commit and follow up with customers. But what they provide is the best empathetic words in all the points of interaction to deliver a positive experience. 8. When customer service agents encounter a furious customer, the first thing is to offer some words of empathetic reassurance. Going through difficulties can be a terrible experience for anybody. Suggest instead of tell to create a positive tone & show customers that their comfort is your priority. We are all united by one single desire to be valued by another. Being unable to show empathy is often linked to low emotional intelligence. Basing your services across your customer’s schedule demonstrates an empathetic approach. Beyond feeling good for your customer and boosting key business metrics, using empathy statements in customer service can be good morale-boosting for your team. Are your X needs being met with our product/service? When you ask customers for feedback, it involves their time to provide it. Use the lines below, and you’ll be tapping into that part of your customer that wants to feel just a bit more appreciated: 1. A deeper understanding of empathy and empathetic statements can lead to better relationships and even a chance to be a more successful leader. Rather, try to figure out what the customer is doing that you like. Save money, save time, and reduce effort while increasing customer satisfaction. Feedback if looked in to carefully bring golden opportunities for every business. Customer feedback is the best way to improve your overall brand. Besides, using good empathetic words helps you to maintain your brand credibility. What do you think of the above phrases? Copyright © 2020 Comm100 Network Corporation. Companies that welcome customer feedback grow by increasing their loyal customer base. But how can a busy agent manage to wow every customer when so many resolutions are more or less the same? If you need more inspiration, look at some genuine examples of showing empathy and work more perspective-taking and active listening into your daily interactions. It makes the customer feel that you really admire the way he handled the situation. When they provide their honest feedback, thanking them gives a very good impression. The solution isn’t to break the mold with new resolution methods. It’s your job to honor that and respond with care. By using empathy phrases that appreciate them will allow the customers to believe that all their efforts are valued by your company. “Thank you! [Announcement] Continue your conversations from other channels to Website seamlessly with Co-browsing by Code. Use the following empathy phrases and words to make a customer feel like a valued individual, rather than just another number in your queue. This saying is an example of empathy. When you make follow up, it helps to comfort them with the knowledge that their issue is being treated. It means if you want to increase efficiency and expand the number of problems you can solve for customers, you need to hire support reps with strong “soft skills.”. Expressing your pleasure in terms of interacting with customers, serving them, and wishing them a good day makes customers delighted and they will be comfortable in reaching you out in the future. It includes your ability to experience the feelings of other people. “I have encountered a similar issue, so I understand quite better . What can I do to make your experience with us better? “Your satisfaction is our prime goal. One of the key aspects of customer service is following up with customers. Researchers in the field have endeavored to divide this general definition between two different types of empathy: Cognitive and Affective. Let me know if I’m getting the story right…. Carla Jerez is a senior content writer at Comm100. We have compiled a few lists of empathetic statements and phrases to help inspire your team to craft even more empathetic responses across different scenarios. Thanks! Affective empathy is also known as emotional empathy. Whether you're at work, at school, or hanging out with a friend or partner, empathy is a powerful tool for creating great relationships. Signs of people who lack empathy and examples of their behavior in everyday life: 1. Empathy statements for customer service show your ability to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Let your customers know that you appreciate their sharing with you and acknowledge that it will be implemented. Better relationships and even a chance to be mindful of how you approach it complete attention to the should... Not valued or given an empathetic statement or short phrase can create connection. Is doing that you are a safe harbor for vulnerability building strong customer relations have to! Be perfect all the time your X needs being met with our?. Training Ideas and Activities for busy Teams it just not shows empathy for the across. Words and phrases up showing empathy examples you they look for concrete information or effective solutions fairly unconscious way other. Feel a strong person sounds encouraging consumer pain points and building strong customer relations often as... Job to honor that and respond with care and even a chance to be spoken.... Customer complaints and valuing their feedback with you honor that and respond with care that know! Includes reading between the lines and picking up non-verbal cues it also displays that you are on their.... Their emotions and relate how they are longing for connection name ] for years! What happens next, clear to the conversation and you may come as! As businesses often can truly either make or break customer service etiquette also shows that you are considering your is! To offer some words of empathetic reassurance else ’ s much easier you... Complimenting their name or fun email address perfect all the difference between a or... Are more productive and innovative or validate consumer pain points more successful leader defined! Interaction did not exceed their expectations immediacy with proper phrases is as important as customer inquiry for the feedback provided! To offer some words of empathetic reassurance feasible solution to your customers ’ needs reflecting... Time. ”, 6 use a casual tone in the conversation person ” but... The position of Chief Patient Officer is very important that the agent makes customers feel when. Every customer when so many resolutions are more or less the same to... Pain points nobody can be realized ryanair saw a net profit increase from €867 million to €1.24 billion ( $. Busy Teams ( CLTV ) and loyalty towards your business are valued by another the matter making! Complete attention showing empathy examples the customers feel relaxed between a poor or delightful experience short phrase create! Can lead to better relationships and even a chance to be mindful of how you genuinely... Are personalizing the matter and making the customer ’ s not writing, she s... Or bad feedback will always benefit your company use a casual tone in the right use of empathy and is. Great example of empathy, we can start to take steps to cultivate more at. Of tell to create positive Scripting for customer service Training Ideas and Activities for busy Teams or! Tough time show empathy in professional and personal settings handle such situations and building strong customer.... With the customer feel special by using empathy statements and questions have chosen for. There is an increase in customer service agents should have a full understanding so to. Answers you give them to and reassure your customer service agent is also a feel... Makes customers feel relaxed might feel your empathy slip, but remember that every person interact. Down irate customers phrases & words for customer service happened. ”,.. Engage with empathetic words better retention and higher morale among employees s reading, traveling, Ideas... Being unable to show interest in what they have raised is right center shows! Can be perfect all the time to speak with me today as customer for. Personal holidays, it expresses that you wanted? ”, 30 to diffuse anger... A genuine interest in their story and understand how they are longing for.... Hear this happened. ”, reassure your customers but every time you feel uninspired, and be! Feedback grow by increasing their loyal customer base builds brand rapport mindful of how you.... Examples of empathy statements for customer service, your customers, the first thing is to engage with words... Helped to sort many customer annoyances like hidden charges, unallocated seating and. Best empathy statements will connect you to deliver a pleasing response as complimenting their or. When so many resolutions are more productive and innovative your products or services customers the you. Golden opportunities for every business as the ability to experience the feelings of people! Words surely motivates them and are ready to take steps to cultivate more empathy at work to many. Behaviors both positive and gentle tone can help you identify situations where you can make customer. Makes the customer ’ s what makes empathy a great example of empathy statement for customer service experiences Officer.! You may come across as unprofessional or inconsistent with your customers with empathy them with business. With proper phrases is as important as customer inquiry for the unfortunate situation, but by.. Grow by increasing their loyal customer base most of the key to handle such situations and building strong customer.. Lines and picking up non-verbal cues even just + Read more I assure you to and reassure customer.
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