Vodyanoy Vodyanoy is a water dwelling spirit that … The modern ocean is a scary place, filled with barracuda, sharks, super-squids, and possibly Cthulhu. Vetala These include the Hesperides (nymphs), the Graeae (archaic water goddesses), the gorgons (female monsters with sharp fangs and hair of venomous snakes, such as Medusa), sea monster Scylla, and other water nymphs and sea monsters. However, no matter what we find in the depths these days, none of them seem to come close to the giant terrors that roamed the seas in Earth’s past; giant sea-lizards, monster sharks and even “hypercarnivorous” whales. PUBLISHED October 20, 2009. Legends about sea monsters have haunted communities across the globe for centuries. The Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. Image Gallery: Sea Monsters. 7. a fabulous Scandinavian sea monster perhaps imagined on the basis of chance sightings of giant squids. These hippogriffs and other monsters are painted on the … Ceto eventually became the name for any sea monster. ... Yorimasu then takes the body and sinks it into the Sea of Japan. Aberdeen: Meaning "mouth of the river” Adira: Of Hebrew origin meaning majestic, strong, or noble Anthia: Greek name that means "lady of the flowers" Aukai: Hawaiian for "explorer of the sea" Azure/Azurine: A French girl's name that means "sky-blue" Bahari: Ocean in Swahili Beck: British term that means "mountain stream" Bermuda: After the triangle. The monster is called by other names, such as Hantu Penanggal, Leyak, or Krasue, in other Southeast Asian countries. For most of these things, humans would barely qualify as a snack. Photo: Tory Novikova "Coquecigrue is one of the 'fearful wildfowl' of Rabelais' invention. Charon and the hellhound But in their traditions, they’ve often referred to them as places where horrifying monsters lurk for their next victims. 10. Coquecigrue. No doubt their imaginations began to manufacture all sorts of amazing and terrifying sea creatures that might dwell beyond the rolling surf. Mythical sea creatures have been characterized as spirits, enormous brutes, and eerie human-like creatures. Myths of sea monsters lurking beneath the waves have persisted since the first moment early humans laid their eyes on the ocean. Centuries of exploration of unchartered waters … Whether they were real or legends, stories about sea monsters have always captured our imagination. Real Sea Monsters. See prehistoric sea creatures pictures in this gallery from National Geographic. Ocean Names for Girls. For centuries, folks from around the world have revered the seas and rivers as primary sources of food and water.
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