Watkins Red Clover salve was given a new name in 2006 and discontinued a few years later. Whenever you have dry skin or chapped lips, simply apply a small amount of the salve to the affected area. Red salve ointment may be used to remove skin tags. … One type of red salve is used to treat small open wounds on horses' legs. This healing pain-relieving salve alleviates inflammations, swellings, ... Other recipes with Nettle Healthy two ingredients pancakes with red clover Homemade red clover lip balm to protect your lips Red clover oil to improve the elasticity of your skin Red Clover vinegar to ease symptoms of menopause. Some red salves are simply red because their manufacturers have added pigmentation. Store your red clover salve in a clear glass or plastic container with a firm-fitting lid. Watkins red clover salve was a popular favorite for many years. Not only was it a great salve for dry, work worn hands and cuticles, the red clover extract maybe helpful for eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Another has the main ingredient of red clover flowers and contains no bloodroot. You can learn more survival medicine recipes by visiting Survival.news .
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