1 quest peanut butter cups; 1 serving quest peanut butter protein powder; 0.5 serving quest chocolate milkshake protein powder; 1 cup unsweetened almond milk; 0.5 cup water ; 1 oz peanuts; 1 tbsp stevia; … 1/24 c peanut butter: 2g total carbs, 1 g net carb, 1 g fiber, 5g fat, 3g protein, 64 cal 0.5 oz lily chips: 9 total carb, 2 net carb, 4g fiber, 4g fat, 1 g protein, 51 cal 1/12 Tbsp coconut oil: 0 carbs, 1 g fat, 10 cal 1/48 c. Erythritol: 4g total carb, 0 net carbs, No fiber/fat/protein, 4 cal. Evolved Keto Cups. Customers who purchased this product also purchased Find a similar product. This easy recipe for keto peanut butter cups is the perfect single serve low carb dessert. It uses 3 ingredients and can be made ahead of time and used as a sweet treat or a fat bomb that will … total per peanut butter cup… Genius Gourmet Keto … $11.99. Quest Peanut Butter Cups will satisfy your sweet tooth while allowing you to enjoy a guilt-free indulgence. Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Cups, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, 12Count 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $27.98 $ 27 . Find similar products fitting all of the checked categories. Low Carb and Keto Friendly! 98 ($2.33/Count) $29.62 $29.62
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