One of the first things that will guide you to choose the best poultry housing system for your poultry farm business is your purpose for starting a poultry farm. If you get it right from the beginning, a lot of costs will be saved in combating predators, disease control and preventions and … 1. Poultry housing 1. Both types of heating systems have been shown to be successful at raising chicks. Poultry HousingPoultry Housing 2. Poultry Farms: Housing Systems, Mechanization, and Technology - Face the front of the coop, all windows, and run (if incorporating one) to the The Purpose for Starting a Poultry Farm. Space heaters heat the air in the building, while radiant heaters heat the birds and litter directly. OBJECTIVESOBJECTIVES To know about need of housing for poultryTo know about need of housing for poultry productionproduction Different types of poultry housesDifferent types of poultry houses Location and layout of poultry housesLocation and layout of poultry houses Floor space requirementFloor space requirement Different systems … principle in housing as the space available determines the number and the type of poultry that can be kept. Choosing a Poultry Housing System – 10 Factors to Consider. A good poultry housing systems with a good ventilation system, flooring, lighting, fencing etc. Newly hatched birds have a poor ability to control body temperature, and require some form of supplemen- Broiler House Heating Systems Two types of supplemental heating methods are commonly used in poultry facilities: radiant heaters and forced-air space heaters. are very important for the success of every poultry farm. Improvements to poultry housing systems in developing countries have focused on providing an environment that satisfies the birds’ thermal requirements. Housing Facilities for Mature Poultry - Build the coop on high, well-drained area. For instance in deep litter system house measures 6m by 11m can hold about 200 laying birds at a stock density of 3birds/m2 Older system measures stock density in ft2/bird which is the inverse of birds/m2 used in metric system.
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