Pile the peas and broad beans onto the dressed side of your toast. Oh my. 2 red onions, peeled and quartered . Oh my. If anyone was going to find the cheese-hack to end all cheese-hacks, we might have known that it would be Jamie Oliver. 10 baby onions, peeled . MAC AND CHEESE, the ultimate, MAC AND CHEESE! Difficult, but not impossible. 4 tbsp olive oil . 2 sprigs of rosemary His ‘Comfort Food’ book, from which this recipe is adapted, is a real favourite of mine. An indulgent and heavenly treat. Favourite Recipes – Jamie Oliver Posh Beans on Toast. We ain’t playing around with this one, this is a classic. 4 small leeks, cut into chunks . I am a huge Jamie Oliver fan. Aside from the fact that he uses every ingredient in the store cupboard (for some recipes) his meals are practical, tasty and pretty much always work. 8 cloves garlic, sliced in two . With all this wealth of grilled cheese knowledge, it’s difficult to find the one thing that can send your sandwich to the stratosphere.
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