Now you’ll always want to make Totino’s or your favorite frozen pizza rolls in the air fryer. Brush the tops and edges of the pizza rolls … Place the frozen pizza rolls in a single layer on the bottom of your air fryer basket or on your air fryer shelf. If you have a toaster-oven style air fryer, you’ll need to turn the pizza rolls over half way through. Set your cook time for 6 minutes. Preheat the Air Fryer to 320 degrees F. Place a parchment paper on the airfryer tray; Arrange on the Air Fryer tray, about 3-4 inches apart (they will expand) Add the garlic powder in the melted butter. Air Fryer Pizza Rolls are the absolute, hands down, the best way to make this easy snack. Easy to customize with your favourite pizza toppings. How To Make Air Fryer Pizza Rolls. You can make pizza rolls in an air fryer, be it GoWise, Chefman, etc. Perfectly cooked on the inside and deliciously crunchy on the outside. Air Fryer Pizza Rolls Pro Tips/ Recipes Notes. These air fryer pizza rolls are easy to make and ready in about 20 minutes. Perfect for lunches or snacks and great hot or cold. Adding oil to the pizza rolls is optional. Divide the ready-rolled pizza dough into 8 equal strips, dust some flour onto the dough to keep it from sticking if … Shake the pizza rolls halfway before continuing to cook. Some people add it to improve the color of the pizza … Instructions for Air Fryer / Air Fryer Lid. If you have the basket style air fryer… Pizza is … Preheat the air fryer to 375F / 190C.
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