Pilots of Fighting Squadron 41 (VF-41) singing in their ready room aboard USS Ranger (CV-4), before zero hour of the first day of the invasion of Morocco, 8 November 1942. Patton’s main target was the capture of Casablanca, the city was captured on November 10th when he took the city without resistance, just two days into Operation Torch a major objective was already accomplished. View slideshow. The Western Task Force under the command of Major-General George Patton was chosen to land near Casablanca with some 35, 000 troops. North Africa campaigns - North Africa campaigns - Operation Torch: The Anglo-U.S. invasion of northwest Africa had its origins at the Arcadia Conference in Washington, D.C., in the winter of 1941–42 and at meetings in London the following July. After a few days of Vichy French resistance, Admiral François Darlan—the commander of all Vichy French forces and who happened to be in Algiers at the time—agreed to cooperate with the Allies.in wikipedia, defeated Rommel's Afrika Korps at El Alamein, other Allied forces made surprise landings in French Morocco and Algeria, persuading all of French North Africa to join them. For the Allies, Operation Torch was an overwhelming success. The Central Task Force was set on Oran under the command of Major-General Lloyd Fredendall with 18, 500 troops. Torch Landings. Morocco had around 60, 000 French troops and a small naval fleet at Casablanca, but instead of fighting against the French army the Allies wanted to cooperate with them. List of Maps. The operation marked the first time that British and American forces worked together on an invasion plan and would take place from November 8-16, 1942. After regrouping the landed Allied troops moved to Tunisia. At the time of Operation Torch being conducted, it was the largest amphibious operation conducted in warfare and was also the first big success of the war for the Allied powers. Operation Torch was the name of the Allied invasion of northwest Africa in the hopes and goal of removing the Axis presence on the continent. Due to the lack of resistance by the French in North Africa, the Germans immediately occupied southern France and seized the remainder of the French Fleet located in Toulon (Operation Lila). The German troops that were battling with Montgomery at El Alamein were now retreating in the direction of the now landed Allies, with seemingly nowhere else to retreat. The first planned targets of the Allies were Morocco and Algeria. The best-known American bomber of the war, the B-17 was not the best performing. The operation would result in a major victory for the Allies and would also include the first major airborne assault carried out by the United States during the war by the U.S. 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Operation Torch (initially called Operation Gymnast) ... Map of Operation Torch. Russia was constantly pushing the Allies to start a new front against the Axis in west Europe but in 1942 the Allies, mainly the British didn’t think that they were strong enough to attack Germany in Europe. Russia was constantly pushing the Allies to start a new front against the Axis in west Europe but in 1942 the Allies, mainly the British didn’t think that they were strong enough to attack Germany in Europe. Torch troops hit the beaches near Algiers, Operation Torch Map (Movement to Objective), Negative Effects on the U.S. Economy Caused by World War 2, The P-51 Mustang in Europe, The need for and effects of the P-51 Mustang in the skies over Europe, The Deuce and a Half, The Backbone of Allied Armies. Operation Torch (8-11 November 1942) was the Allied invasion of Vichy occupied North Africa, and was the first significant land operation carried out by … Operation Torch, 8-11 November 1942 . Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean (8 November 1942 - El Alamein and Operation Torch: In November, the tide turned in the Western Desert Campaign when the British defeated Rommel's Afrika Korps at El Alamein. The Minecraft Map, Operation Torch fo Call to Battle 2 map, was posted by fassdsc2. Operation Torch Video. However having won the Battle of El Alamein in November they felt confident … The Algiers landings also went according or even better than planned. Operation Torch Map (Overview) Operation Torch; November, 1942. On the first day of Operation Torch, a flight of C-47s set off from airfields around Land’s End, at the southern tip of Britain, and carried paratroopers all the way to Tunisia to make their attack. Andrew Cunningham (U.K.)George S. Patton (U.S.)Lloyd Fredendall (U.S.)Kenneth Anderson (U.K.)Henri d’Astier (Free France)José Aboulker (Free France)Axis PowersVichy France:François DarlanCharles NoguèsFrix MichelierGermany:Ernst Kals, Allies107,000(33,000 in Morocco,39,000 near Algiers,35,000 near Oran), Axis PowersVichy France: 60,000Germany: two submarines near Casablanca, Allies479+ dead720 woundedAxis Powers1,346+ dead1,997 wounded. For the Allies the Vichy French resistance was a mere inconvenience and not a real military problem.
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