We have been using the MAF test for a long time to choose the optimal pace for our runners’ long, medium and easy workouts. There is some variation in this heart rate between individuals and it can be adjusted 10 beats up or down depending on various factors which we’ll cover in the next article in this series ‘how to get started with niko niko pace’. The key is what we call niko niko pace. Slow jogging, mid-foot strike. The easiest way is to listen to you body. In his schedule, he had only one session that run faster than niko niko pace – 15 x 600 m intervals run between 4:50 and 5:00 min/mi. As the runner masters pain-free running at niko niko and then MAF, we can begin to introduce more moderate steady state running and eventually higher intensity running in small doses. Studies showed that our body releases a marijuana-like substance called endocannabinoids which increases the sensation of pleasure and neutralises pain. Slowing Down for Health jQuery('.you-panel-details').removeClass('you-desc-panel-height');jQuery(this).addClass('you-desc-show');jQuery(this).text(jQuery(this).attr('show-less'));}});}}});jQuery('.social-feed-container_985 a.svc_gplus_img').magnificPopup({type:'image',closeBtnInside:false});} This requires switching on a gene called PGC1α. Join Facebook to connect with Niko Running and others you may know. It also leads to surprising levels of soreness initially. This often does not sit well with a Western mind where we pride ourselves in ‘forcing through it’ and ‘toughening it out’. 2020-10-24 19:28. The answer lies in physiology , especially of muscles.”. “I just want to sit down.” Niko niko pace essentially recruits the greatest amount of our endurant and fatigue-resistent ‘slow-twitch’ muscle fibres without activating any significant amount of the less tireless and expensive-to-run ‘fast-twitch’ muscle fibres. The effect of the two can be compared to the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ high – one is long, pleasant and has no long-term side-effects whereas the other is an abrupt stimulus which leaves you deflated and tired once it wears off. *Well… OK, it isn’t exactly weird but it certainly works. On the surface getting the ‘same gains’ from 10 x 10 seconds (plus recovery periods) seems a much better deal than having to plod for 1-hour, consider that the higher intensity training carries a much higher risk and puts much more stress on your cardiovascular and nervous system. Niko niko pace lies quite a bit below even these points at the 50% mark. Most runs were done between 7’25 and 9’40 min/mile and he totalled around 82 to 95 miles (Kawauchi works a full-time job despite being a sub-2:09 marathoner). Bring our coaches in for a FREE lunchtime talk. In our next article on niko niko pace, we will cover how to execute such a run in detail. The most surprising finding was probably that running did no stimulate this but slow and medium-pace jogging paces did. So how does niko niko differ? Try this ‘one weird trick’ to get a Marathon PB*. I often come back from these runs with several solutions to problems that occupied my mind before going out. Niko niko running is a Japanese concept pioneered by researcher dr Hiroaki Tanaka in his book ‘Slow jogging’ from 2016 (not a title destined to sell many copies in Europe or America but I decided to buy it anyway). With “slow jogging” you also master the art of landing soft. Coach Rene has the tools to help you achieve them. Stand up and jump a couple of times as if you are jumping rope, and land soft and springy. In all likelihood, they are wasting their time on this but we are blinded to this fact because many elites are so powerful that they can run impressive paces even at niko niko intensity. Physiologically MAF intensity can occur as low as 55% of VO2max (very close to niko niko intensity) and all the way up to 80% of VO2max in highly trained elites. So there are obvious physical and psychological benefits from niko niko pace and these run deeper: the less we trigger the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response when running, the less our brain will perceive running as a threat. Physiologically speaking it is an intensity that occurs at 50% of your VO2max (your maximum oxygen consumption – so if you can take in 5 litres of oxygen per minute then you would experience Niko Niko intensity at 2.5 litres). For the run-down of the variation in where MAF can occur and why download the MAF White Paper. Niko niko effort happens at an intensity which most of us would think of as a recovery effort. “If I run for too long, it hurts and I get tired,” Niko said. Essentially your mind seems to enter a meditative state where creative ideas seem to flow seamlessly. We strongly recommend you spend time to make sure your running technique doesn’t do more harm than good, the sooner the better.’. For beginners, the challenge is different again: ‘We, however, live in the twenty-first century, have extremely comfortable lives that make physical activity almost unnecessary. Niko niko running is a Japanese concept pioneered by researcher dr Hiroaki Tanaka in his book ‘Slow jogging’ from 2016 (not a title destined to sell many copies in Europe or America but I decided to buy it anyway). The key insight we have garnered by using niko niko pace is that it is possible to run through very serious musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain syndromes without ill effect and with improved mobility and reduced pain after. As his injury begins to clear or health improves we would upgrade the MAF to 130-140 and eventually 135-145 bpm and change the proportion of niko niko to MAF running. Dr Tanaka compared a protocol consisting of 1-hour workouts at niko niko pace with a Tabata style protocol consisting of 10 repetitions of 10 seconds of the highest intensity. Olof, is not good anymore bro, he was in Faze since 2017, he could have opted for another team. When aerobics first become popular it meant a much higher intensity of 70 to 80% of VO2max. 2016. The effect also seems to last and you leave the run not feeling truly fatigued but energised. I know it's kind of far away from NiKo's situation (in terms of what happened there and there), but they both are exactly the same. This is what they found: ‘..walking didn’t lead to endocannabinoids production, slow jogging resulted in a remarkable number, and medium-pace jogging led to a slight increase; meanwhile running didn’t induce their production at all’. In scientific terms, niko niko is the pace that one can keep without significantly exceeding one’s lactate threshold. Bones and other slow-adapting tissues have more time grow stronger for heavier loads and we have anecdotal evidence of trigger points in muscles dissipating both during and after runs (this feels like a slight electrical discharge or ‘tingle’ in the muscle fibres). Throughout the book, the phrase ‘niko niko pace‘ is used. It has also been shown to have positive effects on metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and increases HDL ('good cholesterol in patients 180 minutes of slow jogging per week), Check it out at Slow Jogging a book by DR Hiroaki Tanaka 2016. ‘niko niko’ in Japanese means ‘smile’ and ‘niko niko’ pace is like taking a walk at a speed where you can still enjoy conversation with another runner or just smile if you are running alone. Box 209 GR - 201 00 KORINTHOS Tel: 0030 27410 76800 Fax: 0030 27410 25368 info@niko.eu.com It happens, that an unfit 20 year-old has a niko niko pace similar to that of an average 70 year-old. Research shows, that every day, they first walk for close to twenty miles until they find prey, and then chase it for three to five hours at a speed of around six miles per hour…When done correctly, slow jogging is similar to how our ancestors used to cover miles without getting tired. Niko has a lot to offer to G2, I believe that we would see the the old niko of mouz shinning again. ‘Niko niko’ literally means ‘smile’ in Japanese so while the term ‘niko niko run’ may sound a bit strange to us English-speakers, the idea is simple: ‘run with a smile’ for the majority of your training – the antithesis of the ‘no pain, no gain’ and ‘let’s go out and bulk up that ego’ which has been drummed into our heads in our modern culture. By making running pain-free and regular again psychological factors in the runner’s pain also seem to ease off as the brain begins to accept running again as a non-threatening exercise – by breaking the subconscious link the brain has made between ‘running’ and ‘harm’. Why put that on Niko. Buy it here. Oh nothing much... except learning good running technique for life! It is an intensity of running that occurs at a heart rate of around 138 minus your age divided by two (so if you are 40 years old likely at 118 bpm – 138 – 20). Rene Borg is the head coach of Glendalough AC and a passionate runner competing over all distances and terrains. When most of us begin running, we quickly find ourselves addicted to the runner’s high and are blissfully unaware that our body dispenses two separate drugs to create a similar effect based on pace. In his book on Japanese running culture, The Way of … dd++;},800);


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