Dr. Nathaniel Greene, son of Nathaniel Ray Greene, was born at Dungeness, Cumberland, Rhode Island, Georgia, June 22, 1809. As part of Greensboro, North Carolina's bicentennial celebration, the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation commissioned sculptor Jim Barnhill, a city native and associate professor at NC A&T University, to create a bronze statue of Nathanael Greene which was dedicated on March 26, 2008. In August of 1774, the men of East Greenwich county formed a militia company, which they later incorporated under the name Kentish Guards. //-->. google_ad_height = 90; According to his father's journal, Nathanael was born on the twenty-seventh day of the fifth month of the year. Greene split his force in the face of a superior enemy by sending a flying army under the command of Brigadier General Daniel Morgan to threaten Cornwallis and bolster local militia support. George Washington Greene, the oldest, was 8, when peace came in 1783; Louisa Catherine, the youngest, was born the following winter. Greeneville, Tennessee is also named after him. But, he studied vigorously on his own. Create your free account now to see all the information we have about this person. His first priority as Southern Commander was to rehabilitate an army that was outnumbered, ill-equipped, and demoralized. Caty, as she was known by her friends, was attractive and vivacious and would give him six children. Related To Tamara Greene, Zyndall Greene. When the British Parliament learned of the battle, Charles James Fox exclaimed, "Another such victory would destroy the British Army." He led his troops to Boston, where he showed a talent for assembling supplies and suppressing intercolonial jealousies. google_ad_client = "pub-4398868599654009"; He also participated in the Battle of Princeton on 3 January 1777. It will never be known to what great heights he would have risen had he lived a longer life.