Rank . 9.3. Balanced, transformerless output for low noise. 2. MXLS . Product Name. Score. Check Price Now ! Score . Unlike almost all MXL microphones which come with a carrying case and often a shock mount of some kind, the MXL V63M package is poor in terms of included accessories. 1. Check Price Now ! Purchased in 2012. Encased in a heavy-duty brass enclosure. V63M Package/Kit The MXL V63M comes only with a zip pouch and a hard mount. 30Hz-20kHz frequency response. Score. The V63M is internally wired with Mogami cabling, hence the ‘M’ in the name. The MXL V63M is a condenser microphone with a 1" diameter, 6-micron-thick diaphragm that delivers high sensitivity and detailed recordings. 10 Best Mxl V63m Shockmount - October 2020. 3. 9.6. It just seems a little bit too unreliable for the long term, and I can’t get over some of the complaints I read. This is a versatile condenser microphone by MXL used only for home recording and always smoke-free. Great for vocals, acoustic guitar, and room mic'ing.Comes in original box with manual, pictured.MISSING: MIC STAND ADAPTER.NO SHOCK MOUNT It’s not really worth the price. The MXL V63M is a pretty decent mic, but if I was in the market for a mic in this price range or below, I wouldn’t buy it. Wired with Mogami wire for added clarity. Cardioid pickup pattern. The MXL V63M Condenser Studio Microphone has a 1" diameter,6-micron-thick diaphragm that delivers high-sensitivity and detailed recordings MXL V63M Condenser Studio Microphone with Shockmount .
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