4.4 Construction Supervisor Home; General. III) The rate of labour component as per the standard data book is to be adopted for revetment work only. Manufacturing price of processes such as blanking, welding, painting. The capacity of doing work by an artisan or skilled labour in the form of quantity of work per day is known as the task work or out turn of the labour. analysis and optimization of production processes at steel fabricators A. Hofacker1, D. Gandhi2 ABSTRACT Structural Steel Fabrication is a process in which there is a wide variety of product mix and where most of the products are unique in nature. However for apron work Rs. P3/ OT2/ T3/ 65167/78, Dt: 19.03.1980. One ton of steel costs about $400. IV) For the labour for the ˝Rock Toe ˛ shall be taken as 2/3rd of the labour charges of revetment as Chief Engineer, Circular No. 2.6 Fabrication Related Activities 45 2.7 Erection Related Activities 48 2.8 Work Breakdown Structure 50 2.9 Activity Durations 52 2.10 Critical Path Method Network Diagrams 53 2.11 Bar Charts 58 2.12 Steel Schedule vs Overall Project Schedule 62 2.13 Items Impacting the Schedule 62 supply, erection with necessary fabrication work, testing, commissioning and trial run of (650 675) cfm /(175 210) psi screw compressor with suitable diesel engine in place of old di 05019 elgi screw compressor 475cfm/160psi with engine on existing halco 400 no. Find out the labour charges for fabrication and erection of a MS pipeline of 50 NB (2") MS “B” or MS “C” of 400 m length fabrication and erection?. A lot of work has been done to analyze the Owners : Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board 4. 5. As a good rule of thumb the cost of metal fabrication is about three times the cost of the steel itself. Traditionally, productivi­ ty has been defined as the ratio of input/output, i.e., the ratio of the input of an associated re­ source (usually, but not necessarily, expressed in p-hs) to real output (in creating economic value). Continuously check and review the changes status during the work. To have this fabricated and one coat of primer applied it would cost approximately $1,200-$1,500 per ton of structural steel. Class of Contractor : A & above 7. 4.3.3 Shall control of all kind of resources and coordinate with construction superintendent on execution of work and ensure productivity. Estimated Cost of work : Rs 14.00 Lacs (Approx.) Analysis of Rates of Building Construction in Excel To determine the rate of a particular item of work from quantities of materials and labors required and their costs The rates of materials and labor are changing from place to place, therefore the rates o different items of work also changes from place to place. mance factor, production rate, unit person-hour (p-h) rate and others. 2 x 400 x 45 = Rs.36,000/-Typically the quantum of pipe fabrication, erection and testing of pipe work shall be expressed as shown below: 1. Analysis & Rates. 2.50 per cum. ANALYSIS OF PWD SCHEDULE OF RATES 2018 FOR CIVIL WORKS PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 224/day, but in Bangalore city we are paying Rs.600/day. should be deducted. Earnest Money Deposit : Rs 28,000.00 6. But the main problem in rate analysis is, for Government projects the rate from Standard schedule of rates is ok, but for private works or projects its not possible. 2. For example: The Class-I mason wages as per Karnataka state Irrigation department standard schedule rates is Rs. We offer an online calculator, Metal Fabrication Price Calculator, to help you quickly determine cost of a fabrication project.It features: Up-to-date material price. fabrication and erection, inspection and testing meet the project specification ensuring with latest IFC. Instant online quote. To … Site of work : Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Institute of Medical Excellence, Kakryal (Katra) – Pin 182320 3.
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