The cause PmdeTut-Skin Goin Thru Clothes Lunar-Stars 78 55 Tut :How to edit a model: pt5 Amaburb 42 15 Tut :How to edit a model: pt6 Amaburb 31 12 PMDE Tut: Deleting physics StellatheAlchemist 121 62 Rigging Tutorial Part 1 221 76 And I mean clothes that people on dA had made, I think it's the files because they're usually pmd or bmp, but when i changed them to X or tga or vac none of them worked (also i can't read spanish because my zip thing Hi guys! There was a feature introduced in MMD 8.03 that was NEW … was not a part of MMD 7.39 … a third “bone/manipulation mode”: Accessory. I’ll assume that you’re trying to use clothes from other models (example: a skirt) and attach them to yours, right? Your tutorials are a big help! Q#2: Clothes aren’t working properly and won’t follow the main body. Well, now this one is pretty unique. I have a question though, how do you make the model change clothes on its own like in a mmd named “he this is my tutorial about how I rig my MMD models without doing a SINGLE bone weighting. I’m somehow getting used to mmd and it is really fun to create short meme and dances. NOW you can load an accessory and affix it to your model in the AMP (accessory manipulation panel) … go to the X-Y-Z rollers, click Local – Global – Accessory (gasp) … and drag the rollers to move that accessory to exactly where you want it.
2020 mmd how to attach clothes