Lasse Kleppe you probably have a board level failure - the Codec circuit and most probably the Codec chip. can anyone help? Why can't anyone hear me? I have a g430 logitech usb headset. Now, however, my mic seems to have stopped working. Check Audio Source. For some reason, no one can hear me from Facebook messenger, discord etc. My mic was working fine but when I plugged in my ear phones, the mic for the ear phones work but when I unplugged the earphones, my ipad’s Mic stopped working. I tested it by taking a video and the audio was fine. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. While on a conference, select the Settings gear next to your portrait. 04/27/2018 by Lasse Kleppe. GoToMeeting allows you to select from what source your audio comes from. There are a few possibilities for what might be happening – we've explained the most likely scenarios as the top. I'm sure it isn't the headset that is the problem though, as i have tested it in my audio manager, skype, ts3, ventrilo, etc., and they all can hear it fine. after installing window 10 my microphone cannot hear me i can hear. In most cases, if you can hear your colleagues but they can't hear you, either your microphone is muted, or not plugged in. I bought a PlayStation 4 and I don’t know what’s going on but I can only hear people on game chat and party chat but they can’t hear me but when I test my Mic in the settings, my mic works. The incorrect one could have been selected by accident. It also happens if I turn my head on the side. It handles sound during cellular calls. The microphone is not muted within the Zoom application. I can hear voicenotes, I can do video calls and they can hear me on zoom and WhatsApp. General troubleshooting. This thread is locked. i have the same problem. Hello the microphone can't hear me, my voicenotes are blank to the recipient and 'hey Google' can't hear me. You might be muted. I can hear people, but they CAN'T HEAR ME. I have 2 other headsets here that I’ve tried and it was the same thing. The microphone works, I made sure it was enabled and it works for all applications except Zoom and Skype. Like I said, if the headphone microphone doesn't work, then you likely have a logic board problem. Are you having a hard time being heard by other participants in the session? When I test the microphone on the machine, it works. tried to change the lightning connector but the problem is still there. But the phone can't hear me otherwise. When I speak directly to the microphone in front of the laptop the other side can perfectly hear me, but if I move on the side or behind the laptop the other side can't hear me or they can hardly hear me. No one can hear me though. When I test within Zoom, it is not picking up my voice at all. Since I have bought my HP Spectre 13 the microphone doesn't work properly. Let's see if we can fix that! I can make phone calls. 02/11/2017 by Minho. I listened to the playback on the ones that had it available and it sounded clear as can be.
2020 mic works but they can't hear me