But as the fruit has gained in popularity, it’s cultivated just about everywhere. One of excellent benefits longan red dates tea. When the cold winds blew down Castro Street, it was nice to slip inside Lucy’s and have Martha bring me a warming cup of dragon eye tea. Then, pour hot water over the ingredients. Additionally, they can be purchased online at Amazon. Wild Mint: A delicious alternative to peppermint and spearmint, with a unique taste that works great in tea or as a culinary herb. Traditional Chinese medicine has used longan to strengthen the liver, spleen and kidneys. Making longan tea is really just as simple as boiling some water. Cut that in half and there’s a black pit inside. One of my favorite places to have dragon eye tea was at Lucy’s Tea House, a small unassuming eatery in Mountain View, CA. That’s up to you – just sweeten to taste. A simple search for “longan” will result in all manner of products for sale, from longan-date tea to the fruit itself, dried and sold in bulk. You’re very well acquainted with fruit teas. Similar... 2. You may also choose to sweeten your longan tea with sugar, raw sugar or honey. Longan is Beneficial for Oral Health. I’m going to make myself a cup now! But when you want longan tea, you’ll need the dried fruit. CatNap: A soothing, relaxing blend made from pure organic herbs. There’s a unique balance between sweet and sour that’s distinctive to longan fruit. We’ll look at a recipe for longan tea later, but for now, buy the dried longans. Place four to 5 dried longan in the bottom of your cup, as well as your black or green tea bag. No reproduction permitted without express written permission. The first proven benefits longan red dates tea. PRIVACY. So, it follows that longan tea has great health benefits as well. Let steep 2-3 minutes. Allow your tea to steep for just a few minutes, enough to rehydrate your longan. A longan is more commonly referred to as dragon’s eye in regions where it grows natively. There are longan farms in Hawaii (also home to Mamaki Tea), California and Florida. Some common options are red dates, goji berries, ginger and lemon. (Feel free to also buy a few fresh ones to taste!). At this point, you have a few options. Some people even add egg to their longan tea! Longan tea is said to have other benefits as well. Chinese Traditional medicine says that eating the longan fruit will give you the maximum health results. Longan, or dragon eyes, is a fruit produced in Fujian province of China. The stores typically sell longans – sometimes fresh but usually dried. Right now you can get 15% off ALL products in their store using the code: TEAREVIEWS15. Health Benefits Fresh longan fruit is high in vitamin C, as most fruits are — which is one reason why fruit is so vital in a healthy diet. Again, there are many “recipes” for longan tea available online. 2. Eaten fresh in the summer, longan are dried for winter use. I hope you enjoy longan tea (or dragon eye tea) as much as I do. Copyright © 2013-2020 Well Read Gnome, LLC. Vitamin C... 3. A search for how to make longan tea will bring back dozens of results, but those just account for personal preference. The fruit is usually found in areas surrounding China. The first place you should look for longan tea is your local Asian shop. Red Dates Longan Tea A ‘warming’ tea, red dates longan tea helps to nourish the blood, builds up qi and strengthen the spleen and stomach. They usually come packaged in small flat boxes with see-through lids. Longan and red dates tea contains high vitamin C contents If you’re not headed that far out of town, you can possibly find it locally. HOME | ABOUT | CONTACT | That circulatory health is also good for your cardiovascular system, strengthening your heart and your blood vessels. Longan get the name dragon eyes from their appearance when fresh – white and translucent flesh with a dark seed give it the appearance of an eyeball with pupil/iris. Strain the hot tea into your cup over the longan. Alas, Lucy’s is no more and I have to make my own dragon eye tea and new memories. Vitamin C is also great for your skin – it’s an antioxidant and, while this hasn’t been fully researched, may help minimize the damage from UV rays. Dragon Eye Tea Recipe. However, if you have fluid retention issues, or have mucus or phlegm in your lungs, consult with your health care provider before drinking tea made with longan.
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