Whether you are a true connoisseur of leather or a person, according to a high-quality jacket will immediately value the care and exclusivity we put into each of our leather … A USA based brand John Varvatos is quite a known name in the fashion industry for its clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and other leather stuff. Our master craftsmen make your hand-crafted leather jacket 100% Made in Italy. Their season based designs, cuts and colors are the talk about in fashion industry and a fashion statement for both men and women. All Saints is the brand which makes beautiful leather jackets of different colors patterns and style for both men and women. Fadcloset also provides such type of jackets, which comfort to wear. True Trident Leather is a renowned leather garments manufacturers or leather jacket manufacturers and export leather garments or leather jackets exporters of premium quality finished leather jackets. FREE UK DELIVERY. We are Custom sports clothing factory from Pakistan. As a custom leather jacket maker, all our leather jackets are of the best quality and they are available at competitive pricing. The most popular product of this brand is their leather jacket. The super high-quality leathers and stunning design have made this brand very popular among the young fashionistas in the world. A leather jacket that is trendy gives the person a truly dashing and better look. are the styles one can find in the jackets made by this brand. We strive to deliver top quality at competitive prices. Hugo Boss AG is a fashion brand based in Germany. New extensive range of leather travel bags, wash bags and messenger bags. Looking for a soft leather jacket casual style not with lots of bits attached. Hello , Hope you are fine and doing good. Very lightweight, awesome leather and quilted patterns are the most important features of the jackets. This is just a very small list of brands that makes leather jackets . The jackets … John Varvatos makes leather jackets for both men and women. Leather jackets need not be boring always and this statement is proved by Gucci. Biking, adventure sports, and leather jackets are synonyms today among the youngsters, thanks to the travel sites and commercials. You have entered an incorrect email address! Available all over the world through retailers and their stores. By nature, cowhide is very durable due to its dense fibers, so if you plan to wear your jacket on a daily basis, or use it on your motorcycle, cowhide is your best bet. The Balmian is a France-based brand and makes exclusive designs that have made it a known name in the fashion industry, despite the expensive range of products. Once a hallmark of rebellion, this rock ‘n’ roll favourite has earned itself a place as one of menswear’s coolest pieces of outerwear.Back in the 1950s it was made famous by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean, but today you don’t need to be a chain-smoking biker with a Brylcreem’d pompadour in order to pull one off. Save up to 35% on luxury men's and women's leather jackets and sheepskin coats. Here is the list of best, expensive and most wanted leather jacket brands in all over the world in 2020: All Saints is the brand which makes beautiful leather jackets of different colors patterns and style for both men and women. men's italian leather jackets … We always believes in developing and providing a reliable range of quality leather products to buyers which they can re-sell with confidence to their customers. Balmain is considered to be one of the best leather jacket brands in the world. Innovative hues, leathers and the essence of nature in all their jackets makes them quite different from all other jacket brands. The leather industry’s core products in Pakistan are leather garments, gloves, tanned leather and footwear. However, suede and different utility based jackets are now created and crafted by the well-known brands these days. A USA based exclusive fashion brand, Salvatore Ferragamo S.P.A makes the world’s one of the most exclusive and expensive leather bags, accessories, outwears, blazers, jackets etc. This is a materialistic world in many ways. All rights reserved. Like their bikes, Harley Davidson made leather jackets are the fashion statement for both men and women.
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