Today I aim to change that, and take you through my recommended method of pruning raspberries. Raspberries can be divided into two types by when they bear fruit: (1) one-crop, summer-bearing raspberries also called standard raspberries and (2) two-crop, summer and fall bearing raspberries, also called ever-bearing raspberries. Cut spent canes to the ground after they […] The first year, they emerge as green primocanes and form fruiting buds. Photo/Illustration: Ann Stratton. In the case of red raspberry, the roots and crown are perennial but the canes are biennial (they live for only two years). This reliable favorite Junebearer ripens mid-season and is long harvesting. Most popular variety; ripens in late June, cold hardy. How you prune a raspberry plant depends upon when the plant bears fruit—once a year or twice a year. Raspberry Cultivars. Red raspberry plants, after pruning. To prune any plant properly, you need to understand its growth cycle. Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit! _Alicja_ / Pixabay Summer-Fruiting Cultivars. Vigorous, productive canes and excellent fruit with a sweet flavor make this a garden favorite. I’ll do this step by step, in an easy-to-follow, straightforward way that someday, you may be able to share with someone else. ‘Latham’ red berries are large, firm and attractive.
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