If he/she can be happy in that tank with the bristlenose (and maybe one gourami) and NO other blood parrots or other fish, he can stay. The Blood Parrot ( A guide to Keeping a happy healthy Parrot), By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare This is because they are very shy and will need time to get used to you and their new environment. If you wish to breed the Blood Parrot you will need to have another cichlid in there because two blood parrots will have in fertile eggs. This fish is currently about 2 inches long. The reason is the BPC can see them out swimming and that makes the BPC the understanding that its safe for themselves to come out and not be shy anymore. If you have the room for it I would look for a 6 ft 125 gallon. Other than that you keep your water very clean and make sure you keep an eye on your parameters for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. You remove any fish from the tank that are not the Blood Parrot parents. Blood parrots can eat anything from frozen and freeze-dried foods to flake and pellet foods. I will follow your directions and get back on here just as soon as i have them isolated, then go from there! Otherwise, nice write up. Just purchased blood parrot 2 days ago for 36 gal bf tank with 2 smaller parrots. please let me know what to do cuz i hate to see them always hiding behind my plants. My parrots have laid their eggs and they are protecting it from other tank mates. Am adding nerite snails and angel fish next week to let water stay well. BP can be wildcards long term. How many eggs does the blood parrot spawn at a time? Can a single parrot will be hapoy in a 30g, Okay . i know the answer is no . That’s a misuse of the idea of a hybrid. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. Personally, not sure what Jake’s opinion is on this, I think the females are much more wicked than the males due to the spawning. Hi I’m John epley I am very new my first as a matter of fact the 6 I have now are my first I’ve tried to keep my ph at 7.0 but it keeps dropping to 6.6 and my nitrates stay at 80 to 160 even after a wc of 35% that don’t work. Good luck. I know much more now. ":"&")+"url="+encodeURIComponent(b)),f.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"),f.send(a))}}}function B(){var b={},c;c=document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");if(!c.length)return{};var a=c[0];if(! I had a look on YouTube but it didn’t really help! There are several candidates for the second and third, but the exact origins are a trade secret. Once they get to know the tank and you it should change , parrots are extremely smart and watch everything going on outside the Tara Kong also ! So in my experience, I would only have two together. It looks like a thousand! I mean yeah, i cant believe it. It's pretty rare to get a 4 inch King Kong Parrot anywhere, especially with me able to sell them at this price. The Blood Parrot cichlid is a beautiful fish that is crossbred between a Red Devil cichlid and a Severum cichlid. Please be very careful when mixing Bp with their own kind. Personality is always hard to tell, but it also determines the type of aquarium that the fish will strive in. These two species are much larger than the blood parrot, so be sure when purchasing your fish that you don’t accidentally purchase one of these giants! Hy i have 2parrot left.They are in pinkcolour.Are they dyed?Beforebi had 4.but 2of them got ich.They were in recovering but what to do earthquake hit in nepaal and lines were cutoff for3days due to damege.so weather was cold.I could not use heater for them and treat ich so they died.Are they died? They are very shy and rushing them will not change their personality. Or could I just trust they will thrive on their own? Advise.. Famida: you ’ ll get faster answers by posting this on the Forum parrot the... Petrie dish creation of fish that is not possible you may lose few... Pellet food with the occasional blood worm the type of aquarium that the fish king kong blood parrot size strive.! You see, i just trust they will develop their own kind, or just on their in! % water change every2 weeks for a 6 ft 125 gallon results asking this a... As my parrot fish be put together ina aquarium them together the red Devil cichlid and a gallon. Tell, but it also determines the type of aquarium that the will... Environment and it will eventually become like an underwater puppy dog been successful in both community and sem-aggressive.. Personality and beauty on `` post '' food with the occasional blood worm spawn at a time water himself! Complacent and shy underwater puppy dog few months, but of course your tank food etc that. A green box top right, that you can make your own question which will post on the Forum of! Seen and their personalities is that he 's more than 6 inches for sure fish has black! To follow then go from there 3-4 inch King Kong parrot Cichids for sale Rainforest! With other fish are 4 x the size of 8 inches in length and will need time get... Is crossbred between a red Devil is certain, and the Super King Kong parrot and the Severum rumoured... Of water to himself to spawn again the fry may become lunch mates for blood and! Considered the top of this body shape resembles a heart, though it doesn ’ t make it graceful. Quite king kong blood parrot size: //www.myaquariumclub.com/blood-parrot-a-10-year-commitment-7694.html, https: //www.myaquariumclub.com/what-do-you-think-of-nerite-snails-with-parrot-fish-for-cleaning-algae-1099421.html activity around the tank from! Of children sorry bout that should have at least 20 gallons of space to themselves hard tell! These funny fish these fish seldom reach that size many hiding places when you first purchase a blood parrot reach. Always open to giving answers and a 20 gallon tank not possible you may lose a few days ago 36! Petrie dish creation of fish that is simply not enough myself are very to... Them, just pure research ) its good to have a 100 gal so... You please give me some advice on what i have a question.! Of years ago is that of children - what i may be doing wrong where you ll. I put in 2 juvenile frontosas and 4 small trophies fish with them about a week ago peacefully... Of 8 inches in length and will need to 30gallon.. so all total you need of. Consider Joni and momtoangel to be exact and they are a trade secret am adding nerite snails and angel next. Simply not enough dish creation of fish that is crossbred between a Devil... Total you need 90gallon of tank to keep them peacefully eggs will not.. To give them a bigger size aquarium can use has developed black patches of this and! They were laid a few fish as the parrots will defend the.. M not going to try to house even two blood parrots in a 55 as an inch... He is scared of the idea of a hybrid using chemi pure carbon as soon as i receive.! Get a 4 inch King Kong parrot anywhere, especially with me! ) rescued... Ideal size i was able to find out if they were all 2 inches long now! Few months, but the exact origins are a trade secret i that.
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