Where can you find Kerry Hill sheep in the US that are for sale? The sire to produce the ideal crossing ewe, noted for fertility. Kerry Hill sheep originated around the town of Kerry in Wales near the Welsh/English border. The Ram. Kerry Hill sheep are rarely found in the United States, but are currently being bred up in this country via imported semen. We have 9 RAM lambs 2 Kerry £60 each and 7 Kerry hill X Manx Laughton £50 each 7 ewe lambs 1 Kerry hill £90 and 6 Kerry hill X Manx Laughton £70 each there all... preloved.co.uk . We will be selling tickets for our charity raffle in memory of Patrick Smyth tomorrow at Castlewellan Show. I'm a farmer and I wish to have this fine sheep, but in my searches I haven't found a breeder that would sell. USDA regulations prevented the importation of this thrifty little sheep from the UK to the USA. The breed has very distinctive black ears and black markings around the eyes, on the muzzle, and on the knees on an otherwise bright white face and legs. When I found a breeder on some rare breeds list it only kept them and didn't even breed. But the very 1st sheep flock I ever owned as a very young man consisted of 4 Clun Forest and 4 Kerry Hill ewes. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Sheep and lambs for sale. Report. In Britain the 2 breeds are considered very alike and come from the same area. Until recently Kerry Hill sheep could only be found in their native Wales. Neighbours of mine here in Canada are very keen on Cluns and have a flock of about 1000 ewes, started from using Clun rams on all manner of breeds but now 8 years later they are looking very Clunlike. At Spring Hill Farm we started with registered Border Cheviot ewes, as they are most like the Kerry Hills in their character, hardiness, and mothering ability. 11 days ago. Also widely used to cross with Hill type ewes, producing an almost perfect low weight joint from the male progeny. Crosses well with Hill and Long Wool breeds. But germ plasm could make the trip...and it did in a liquid nitrogen shipping container. The Kerry Hill sheep are good on their feet and good in their teeth.
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