x5 Package - Assorted Jellybean Parrot Cichlids 1"-1 1/2" Each +1 FREE . Shipping times depend on zip code. We have the best quality tropical fish and guarantee them in all weather conditions. Cichlid Care: Cichlids are one of the other very popular types of aquarium fish. We cannot guarantee we will be able to scoop ALL different types, but we will try to get a good variety. FREE One-day Shipping . Because of their distinct colours and aggressive nature they appeal to a wide range of aquarists. Best seller at www.YourFishStore.com - X10 ASSORTED JELLYBEAN PARROT CICHLID FISH - FRESHWATER LIVE - FREE SHIPPING They will be scooped out our holding tanks. He is about 3"in length. Common Names: Blood Parrot Cichlid, Red Blood Parrot, Red Parrot Cichlid, Red Parrot Fish, Parrot Fish. There is one other kind of fish which sometimes, albeit rarely, is confused with parrot cichlids, namely the marine parrotfish, family Scaridae. Here we have a nice jellybean parrot cichlid fish. Arrive Alive Guarantee . ... Jellybean Parrots and Bubblegum Parrots. The Blood Parrot Cichlid is a hybrid fish that was first created in Taiwan in the mid to late 1980’s. (He seems to be more convict though because his mouth isn't as deformed) He's about 4 inches I would say from tip to tail 15 Gallon Tank Aqueon 20 Filter (Soon adding my Whisper 10 to add more filtration) Bubble wall airstone to help oxygenate the tank. *THIS ORDER IS FOR TEN JELLY BEAN CICHLIDS Tank Size Amputation: Amputation is perhaps the worst and most inhumane method of cosmetic fish surgery Okay so I have a juvenile Jellybean Parrot Cichlid. JellyBean Parrot Cichlid Fish Live Freshwater Fish. In the last few years, there has been a rash of new kinds of parrot cichlids, now called jellybean cichlids or similar things to reflect the many colors they now come in. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE .
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