Unless you plan to sit on them like a mother hen, expect to buy a heat source, like a heat lamp ($25 for the lamp and bulb). 9 Structures You Won't Believe Are Chicken Coops. Chicken feed isn’t that expensive. Oh, I just wanted to add one more thing, the cost of raising your own eggs verses store bought eggs is uncomparable. Commercial egg farmers usually hang lights in their coops, but this adds another cost, plus an ongoing electric bill. Additionally, hatching eggs can be difficult, and comes with extra costs, most notably an incubator for the eggs, which usually run about $100, plus all the extra equipment needed to raise chicks, which can be another $100. I have paid around $7 - $12 for each hen, R.I.Reds (fully feathered but not yet laying, I don't have heat lamps)....But again, for 2 or 3 hens, very cheap and eggs for the family and then some...btw, I haven't ever used (or needed??) That means what they pay per pound for feed is much cheaper than what you’ll pay when buying it by the 50-pound bag at the feed store. ... You will want to price these carefully, basing your numbers on the type of eggs you are raising and where you live. I wanted chickens for 30 years. The average chicken eats approximated 6 ounces a day. Everything else looks great; well thought out and tested! The ovulation-to-egg process takes about 26 hours, and it doesn’t begin until 30 minutes after a hen has laid her last egg. Sometimes the poultry company owns the farms that grow the feed. For maximum return on investment, you should send your hens that stop laying to “crockpot camp.” Of course, that’s easier said than done when your birds have become beloved backyard pets. According to a University of Kentucky publication on raising pullets, it will take about 17 pounds of feed to get a chick to egg-laying age. A predator resistant run will add considerably to the price. There’s been a bit of a run on baby chicks. Certainly, there are some start-up costs, but you should recoup that within about 6 months by selling the excess eggs if you pick a good laying breed, and start out with adolescent hens. Then there’s the bedding, the feed and water containers, and the special chick feed. It will cost you about $6 for 17 pounds of feed if you’re buying the cheapest stuff at the feed store. Many of those years I lived in locations where it wasn't possible to keep a flock. A much safer option is a brooder plate — but that will set you back $50 or more. With proper nutrition, you should get 4-5 eggs a week from a hen. A chick will eat an average of 1 pound … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. With every chick you lose, your eggs become a little more expensive. I've been to many countries around the world and seen families who probably live on $5 dollars a day or less keeping chickens. Most people can fetch $3 to more than $6 or $7 per dozen! Ducks are easy to raise and you get attractive carcasses out of large to medium breeds like Rouens, Swedes, and Muscovies, plus they are self-perpetuating and breed true. If I couldn't afford straw anymore, I would use leaf litter, sawdust, woodchips, or something else. Chickens lay only one egg per day (unless they’ve laid an egg inside an egg – then technically, they’ve laid two. The other half will become roosters, and if you live in the suburbs, you’ll have to find some way to, ahem, dispatch them. For one thing, you may not be able to find any. This article WAYYYYYY undershoots the total. If you want GOOD chicks, chickens, or eggs, be prepared to pay a lot more than 3-30. 6 ounces does not include any feed that ends up on the ground. While prices vary by the area, we’ll use some averages to compute the overall price point. Baby chicks are fragile. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder, reports business has doubled this year over last, If You Have More Than $1,000 in Your Checking Account, Make These 6 Moves, 10 Quick Steps That’ll Have You Managing Your Money Like A Millionaire, 32 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online, From the Convenience of Home, 8 Secrets of The Wealthy That Most of Us Ignore, This List of Holiday Toys Under $25 Is a Gift to All Santas on a Budget, We Ran Our Saturday Errands at Dollar General and Walgreens. 3 Day Pay-It-Forward PFM + FREE BYC Calendar Offer! Many hybrids meant just for egg production give up the ghost and never produce another egg after their second year, which means you need to invest in new chicks — and figure out what to do with your freeloaders. I have had chickens for 2 years now and i find them extremly cheap. In the end, we decided that it’s more cost-effective to just buy eggs at the grocery store than to raise a flock of chickens in our backyard – even if a dozen eggs aren’t nearly as fun to play with. How Much Do Chickens Cost? Feed. Feed runs $22.99 for Nutrena in the local feed store, scratch blend $15.99, straw $13.99 per bale, this doesn't include any housing which is definitely more than $50 or electricity which is crazy high up here. You cannot produce eggs cheaper the industry can,” said Jacqueline Jacob, Ph.D., the poultry extension project manager at the University of Kentucky. That has to be worth something — even if the actual dollar amount is hard to quantify. Heritage breeds (which generally eat more feed) will continue to lay, but at a slower rate, into their third and fourth years, and sometimes beyond. Formerly the minimum order size was 25 or some cases 15. There is one drawback to raising your own chickens. JavaScript is disabled. Consider the possibility of getting stale bread from a grocer or baker if you know one. I guess that's the hazard of being able to incubate your own, but I really enjoy my birds. Here’s Where We Saved The Most, Here’s What It Costs to Order Your Thanksgiving Meal From These 7 Stores, 8 Strange Things Millionaires Do With Their Money, But Most of Us Have Never Tried, Our Picks for the 11 Best Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods (Each Is Less Than $5), 6 Gifts for the Health and Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life, Here’s How to Affordably Digitize Your Old Photos, These 8 Tech Gifts Are Perfect for Electronics Lovers. That means only half the birds you buy are going to lay eggs.
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