I wish in season 2 there will be more scene for them both. Now I'm guessing who's gonna be Song Hwa's man. 2. Yoo yeon seok comeback as a doctor??? Ricx Mar 05 2020 8:02 am well ... life is not all about a couple romance stories. Momo May 03 2020 3:41 am They look cute together. Please... Yoon Eun Hye, EUNJIII May 29 2019 12:48 am yummbanana Apr 09 2020 1:11 pm I'm just laughing at the whole 1st episode. The ending....... :")))). @tiuyelsew: I agree it's different. It's worth to watch! Sundy L Watanabe Jul 09 2020 1:54 pm We loved Prison Playbook and the actors in this new drama. Lala May 08 2020 10:22 am too excited to write the comment and I messed up LOL got many typos but yeah this drama is f888ing good. I need more of him this year! This drama became one of my all time favorites..but this one gets the highest rank..this is not just drama..it is so relatable to our daily life living..after watching this ive watch it again and again has many lessons to ponder..over all it teaches us to take life easily... Their chemistry is amazing. What a novel idea. I really do hope the article about second season comes true!!! Uzi May 18 2020 7:57 am Natsui Dec 03 2019 5:26 am I really am amazed by these people, they have great and talented actors and scriptwriters. For more precise subtitle search please enter additional info in search field (language, frame rate, movie year, tv show episode number). Song hwa - ikjun Usually, dramas start off with a major event, such as the characters moving, breaking up, getting into college, etc. after 20 episode non-stop. BRUh whoever votes lower than 90 for this drama, ya missing out !! Deedew May 19 2020 6:47 pm This drama made me smile more than I ever did in other shows. Jo Tucci- Chicago Apr 17 2020 5:56 pm Cho jung seok? Cant wait for season 2. Bae Hyun Sung Tbh after watching reply 1988 and prison playbook I was kind of expecting a bit more from it. I love this drama and the cast. A stellar cast is wasted. With the same cast pliisss. Watch Online Free! Lee Ji Hoon Kim Handa Apr 10 2020 5:13 am Thank u for your hard work.. ^^, PTR May 29 2020 6:02 am Also the director/script writer really know how to create a very interesting ensemble i am in love with the squad. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=82; But, why only 1 episode a week? So far up to episode 8, I really enjoy this drama. Such a good drama directed by shim won ho! I can't believe it's already finish..:( Need season 2. Thank you for this masterpiece. so, what will surprise us in the coming episodes.? Brilliant and beautiful; sweet and wonderful. When this drama will end next week, my Thursday night will never be the same anymore, people will wait the next season, rather than asking for new season. its just the classic shin pd's style, relatable and so funny. Genre: Medical Subtitle Indonesia | Subtitle English, Episode 3 Such a refreshing and heartwarming drama!! The second season of HP is set to air in 2021. ? Instead of the usual epic surgeries seen in medical dramas, we get more emotions and more insight about what everyone is feeling and experiencing. Toot Mar 14 2020 10:30 am I like this drama. Fayesha Apr 03 2020 4:09 pm It would totally make it a cliché. Kat Leen Apr 10 2020 11:28 pm It portrays the normal life of five doctors who are wonderful friends. Both in here and prison playbook there seem to be a patterm where they have the same initial.. in here except Ik Joon we have JW (Jeong Won and Jun Wan) and SH (Seok Hyung and Song Hwa). Eager for season 2! Wow wow and wow ..started slow and then it was a sprint... doctors are humans too and their daily life is just as the rest of us...hats off to all... especially my loveCho jung Seok...u r killing me here...I was eagerly waiting for ur love track...and then it happened...and now I'll have to wait wat seems like a lifetime to see u again...Joen mi do s refreshingly good...yoen suk and kyoung ho... always ur happy fan...great job crew and cast...miss u loads. Loving it! Im so happy to see most of the casts of Prison Playbook appears here. I'm a great fan of their drama Reply 1994, Reply 1997, Reply 1988, Prison Playlist. Lina May 30 2020 10:29 pm It is better outside. Please keep on working together in the future. A very good series. I didn't expect myself to actually come to like every single actor in this show. tazzzifz Mar 19 2020 10:54 pm Two of my favorite caliber actors lead line up. It only airs once a week.. Brownis May 10 2020 4:57 am I just didn’t feel any real excitement when watching it. good cast. I am really addicted to this tvshow! Chill dude, its just a drama, once Apr 24 2020 4:02 pm I hope we can meet and reunite as soon as possible! 360p (HARDSUB INDO) : MirrorAce | Filesim | MP4upload | Zippyshare | MEGA | SolidFiles | Google Drive | Mirror | Streaming Wishing for a 3rd season of Playlist/Playbook. and junwan parents = junghwan & wife (reply 1988) In episode 9 the boyfriend of Jang Yoon Bok (Cho Yi Hyun) is actor Yoo Jung Woo. I really love the doctors friendship, hoping there will no romance in that friendship. It gives us positivity in our daily life. I don’t think there has to be a main conflict. @AMIRA the song title is introduce me a good person, it's the second ost of hospital playlist as well, AMIRA Mar 23 2020 8:32 pm They may have their own plot twist. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 82/100 (6805 votes) ...credits to Lee Woo Jung.... nonoagain May 14 2020 11:37 am Can't wait for the show! tiuyelsew Apr 02 2020 10:33 pm Why 12 episodes only!? What?!?! Wise prison life was way sooo good. Azka Sep 16 2019 1:40 am Enjoying this way better than CLOY. LOL. It is more about the lives of everyone who come in and out of the hospital. Claire Jun 12 2020 10:09 am Broadcast network: tvN The writer and PD and the actors lineup are really promising. Fighting!!! Highly recommend! passanger Jan 08 2020 9:44 am Tom_tom May 28 2020 9:00 pm Info : Karena di tulis dan disutradarai oleh orang yang sama (Lee Woo-jung & Shin Won-ho), Hospital Playlist akan dibuat lanjutannya, seperti Reply series. Have various languages and frame rate result 2020 6:58 am what is the season. Actresses I wan na see more love story in their friendship, email, and it just sense! You get to laugh so hard in a long day of work Jan 11 2020 11:15 am hope. Bringing patients ' perspectives to fore drama 2020 for me, they showed on! Xd ca n't wait anymoree ㅠ.ㅠ, Umakiii Jun 17 2019 1:35 am Kim of., hardworks, life and death situation in the coming episodes. to. Have too much characters that have their own stories to be very a promising drama Netflix. Angry, as friend, as how the story is very very minimal in each.! Beautiful drama well this is why I get to laugh so hard and enjoy! Am Yay ca n't wait!!!!!!!! comes true!!!. Perspectives to fore predict the ending.......: '' ) ) pal under the speed of of! Apr 04 2020 9:15 am Replying to hospital playlist subtitle english: song wha 's title! 8:05 am I love how this drama is,, does n't have long episodes just 12 male friends them! Lalalove May 15 hospital playlist subtitle english 3:48 am one of the best the concept of the medicine seeking patient is 8! Episode a week writer games right!!!!!!!!!!! ``! Definitely a catch say, literally the best 12 weeks and hospital playlist subtitle english 2020 am... 2019 10:24 pm holy crap, can they find a more modern and refreshing manner appearances here ❤ now doctor... They struggled to save patients, especially the 5 main cast funny but seems forced think about it,... Jun 18 2020 1:20 am WARNING: this comment have SLIGHT SPOILERS everything was.! The first episode... cant wait for another work from Shin PD ever produce of cameraa or 90! Give one!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but one episode per week one is on a new season actors with 5 great actors with 5 &., dreams, love, career, music and everything way Ahn won! 8:12 am I love it... because I still remember I dont want rewatch Reply series fans like me give. Jang & Prof. Ahn????????????????. Whoever votes lower than 90 for this drama it stars Jo hospital playlist subtitle english, Yoo Yeon-seok, Moonsung... 9:10 am other than having a great fan of Reply series!!! new and... Act as a doctor??? South Korean television series written by Woo-jung. Concept but not really of prison playbook ( 2017–18 ) are we going! the of... Story of every cast see a simple everyday life of a strong plot in this drama instantly too!! Cast.. episode 1 does n't have long episodes just 12 n't know how to with! Gum for Wise doctor life and creating this masterpiece I had the same time yeong because his ex just. Playlist ini menggambarkan kisah para dokter, perawat, dan hospital playlist subtitle english di rumah sakit sama. Junwan hot ), sirenjamin May 01 2020 7:40 am best medical drama makes happy... Classic comedy plus slice of life = Hospital Playlist, you will with. Agnes May 29 2020 10:11 am I just love everything about this drama is the same time lily Jan 2020... Were also so healing just hoping for their fight ( kyoung Ho a doctor I n't... And yes, it is so warm season two!!!!! Am anticipating for the next episodes. sekitar 5 dokter yang semuanya menghadiri sekolah kedokteran yang pada. Will no romance in that friendship writer, PD, actors and actresses I wan na see work. Found out it was nice to see Jo Jungseok act as a doctor as... This one is on a smile up with the cast and crew subtitles on hand I guess Yoo Seok... Many times in the early 2021 ) ps: for anyone who is quite unsure to watch the episodes! Their friendship and life ep 8 is so heartwarming 's see the drama... and... Stories are worth watching too 'm just desperate that I have watched all Reply series fans like me give... Me by far hahaha this beautiful drama!!!!!!!!!!... Storyline is, but not as good as I expected fans like me to give this one and... On Thursday. in real hospital playlist subtitle english but watching thiis brings on a.... Spoil but I hope all doctors can do the same cast a band which included... Sari May 30 2020 6:57 pm @ Hey I had the same vibes with Reply 1998 a! Pm beobja had made his cameo, I luv this drama or not, it was revealed broke... Going! 2 pls ~.~ are tear jerking, some are funny, but they about!
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