Check for an Active Subscription The Family Sharing option on iCloud is an innovative step towards sharing between all your Apple devices. If it is not just the lyrics feature but the entire Apple Music service is not working in iOS 13 on your device, there could be a serious issue either with your device or the service. administrator ID#1 purchased the family plan free trial for $14.99 and sent invite for Apple music to another Family member with separate ID and ID#2 excepted the invite ID #2 is listed on the family sharing cloud. Apple music is still asking #2 to join a $9.99 or $14.99 for fam The following solutions will help you fix the Apple Music not working issue: Fix 1. Now, iCloud is even more secure and quicker. In order for the you to setup a group account on Family Sharing, you will need to enter your Apple ID.. Also, you will need the Apple IDs of the members you will be inviting to join the group. ... Apple Books, and App Store purchases, an Apple Music family subscription, and an iCloud storage plan. Apple ID On iPhone. How to Fix: Apple Music Not Working. In such a situation, there are certain important things that you need to check. Given below are some of the solutions to the problem of Apple Music family sharing not working: Solution 1: In case your family members are signed up for Apple Music free trial, this feature might not work. "Apple Music item not available", "This item can't be played" and "Apple Music songs greyed out" are the common issues reported by most Apple Music users. Same problem here. Family sharing option increases iCloud storage capacity which helps you with sharing and saving more files. Part 1. Family Sharing not working: “Redownload Unavailable with This Apple ID”, fix. Family Sharing is broken, but Apple could easily fix it With several Family Sharing-enabled services on the way, now is the time for Apple to fix its family payments problem. We've touted the benefits of using Apple's Family Sharing because it's perfect for families of up to six people to share iCloud storage, music, photos, calendars, location and apps. To set-up a family sharing plan, one adult person needs to be designated the family organizer. However, an issue (invalid invitation), does not let the family sharing option to work. I've been long overdue in setting this up myself so I followed iMore's amazing guide on how to setup Family Sharing … Sometimes, the family sharing steps do not work at all.
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