than an SM57 or an EV 635a. I end up using this mic 9 times out of 10 over the shure sm-57 but I think its because I have developed a liking for the way it interacts with guitar cabs. Its an omni-dynamic which I really like on guitar cabs because it grabs more of the sound coming from the cab and not just one selective spot. Thank you for visiting. (12 people) Budget is up to 300$ but feel free to reccomend something more expensive if it's worth it. I really dig the Electrovoice 635a. Enjoy your stay. I have a decent collection in the process, and am ready to plop $300 out for three new SM57's. The SM57/58 is always a safe purchase because those 2 mics score highest when you want to get rid of them in a 2nd hand sale. G. Guest Guest. Finally, Altec, American, and Shure used the phrase “ribbon mic,” while Electro-Voice and RCA chose the term “velocity mic.” That custom is maintained here as well. - Fifine K6 Vs Shure SM57 Vs Electro-Voice 635A (Voice And Guitar) | Electro Voice 635a MICROPHONE SHOOTOUT! The Electro-Voice® 635A is a handheld interview microphone designed for exacting professional applications such as film production, recording, broadcasting, and the more demanding PA applications. It's inexpensive and highly effective plus ti has tons of headroom, giving you more flexibility when tracking the amp. July 19 ... Condenser vs dynamic may be what you meant, and the answer is “it depends.” Dynamic mic is a speaker wired in reverse. would You reccomend for recording early music vocal ensemble in a church? Also I'm looking forward to upgrading later. EV 635a Rode NT1 (not A) audiblevideo. You'd be best off going with at least an SM57 (even Electric Lady Studios still regularly uses these in their guitar miking). What mics (and how many?) Jan 2, 2005 #14 Archived from groups: wrote: > On 1 Jan 2005 08:28:47 -0800, "Dan Gellert" > wrote: > > >I have an Oktava MK-01 I bought a … I was curious as to what else is out there currently that is comparable to the 57 for the price. They are just cheaper, more practical, durable, and more easily resold/retain their value. 2 years ago. I wouldn't buy a ribbon mic for home studio vocals until I had all the big boy dynamics and made sure none of them was exactly what I wanted: the two above, SM-57, SM-58, Beta 58A, EV 635A, RE-16, etc.
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