Yes – these panels can be installed over drywall or stud partitions. The “No Tile, Tile Wall” – If you love tile, but hate grout, you’re not alone. Yes. Remodel trim option to go over existing ceramic tile or other surface – If you’re looking to adhere our waterproof wall panels over tile or another surface you’ll want to order your system with the “remodel trim” option. Combine modern farmhouse and shabby chic walls with some candles and a freestanding bathtub and take your worries away. These wall panels can be installed by your maintenance team or carpentry crews. This kit includes 1 - 60 x 80 panel, 2 - 36 x 80 panels, 1 - 3 x 60 back wall trim, 2 - 3 x 96 mitered side trim, 2 - 3 x 38 mitered top trim, 2 - 8 x 20 tub leg panels, 1 - 15 inch corner shelf, 2 - inside corner reinforcements. Put sealant behind the base profile and screw it in with the holes in the profile approximate .4” from the bathroom floor. Throw away your tile scrub brush - FOREVER. You'll get a high-end look without a high-end price. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear())2016 Innovate Building Solutions | All Rights Reserved. However it can be switched out with matte black profiles. No. This kit is used most to cover 3 walls around a standard sized tub or shower space set into an alcove. It’s much simpler to find a tile setter. The Delta UPstile Wall System makes personalizing your shower quick and simple. Whether you’ve got a standard sized tub, shower or bathroom or an odd sized alcove or custom  shower we can assist you with wall panel kits. Shower Accessories - caddies, seats, and trim are available to match the Onyx shower wall panels and base. Whether you love the traditional look of tile, the depth of a slate finish, a contemporary high-gloss aesthetic, a modern minimalist look or the warmth of a modern farmhouse or shabby chic there is a choice for you. . Simple to maintain and sustainable material. First, you don’t need a separate wall backer board (they are installed directly to plywood, OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or wood strips attached to your studs). This trim makes the installation easier to do (because the panels do not need to be cut perfectly) and also creates the look of real stone, marble or granite. Help you please millennial and ‘renters by choice’. Available in shower kits which can be used for standard or custom sized spaces. Many wall panel lines only offer matte OR gloss finish – but not in this laminate line. It includes 2 large L profiles or 2 small L profiles, 1 tube sealant, 1 box wall panel wipes, 1 can of cleaning solution and 1 package with sealant finishing tools. This 5 Part system includesa clear poly top layer, followed by the high resolution pigment, the Xtra Bond cement, the 1/4" polyvinyl backing with a Dow Corning adhesion layer on the inside. For the calming feel of matte finish, you’ll want to check out the ‘Oasis Collection.’ You’ll find many gloss patterns in the ‘Transitionalist’ and ‘High Gloss’ collections. What is this composite material made of? The bathtub and shower panels are 100% waterproof and joined  with a patented Aqualock click system and sealant. x 60 in. Multiple ‘looks’ to fit your individual uniqueness – Whether you want bathtub or shower panel with a subway tile look (in our Modern Farmhouse Collection), bathroom wall panels with a Modern Minimalist vibe (using our Cracked Cement pattern), or a spa bathroom feel with our matte finish 'Oasis Collection' laminate wall panels, we'll have you covered (literally). If the wallboard products covered are found to be defective by Innovate Building Solutions (or one of our authorized representatives) we will repair, or at our option replace, the product with a similar panel or trim piece. Add sealant behind the L shaped metal base profile piece. This panel will be slotted into the hidden metal corner profile. Whether you’ve got a standard size 60" wide x 30" deep tub or shower (with a square, rectangular or NEO angle base) or a custom enclosure there is a shower & tub surround kit available for you. Acrylic And Fiberglass. Mold, mildew and dirt become the enemy of your maintenance crews (and reduce your chances of filling up your spaces). They can be installed by one person. Effortlessly create a stylish, water-resistant bathroom using bathroom wall panels. It's lightweight – making it much easier to work with than other wallboards like cultured marble or granite. Clean the back surface of the panels by wiping with a clean cloth.. Measure walls check for level and square. These panels are 600 mm x 2400 mm (which is 23.6” x 94.4”) and are 3/8” thick. The smart way to transform your wall Collection Bathroom Collection Kitchen 100% Waterproof wall system Fibo started out quite modestly as a small factory for wall panels from Norwegian wood. The most popular uses include tub surounds, corner and alcove style shower kits, corner bench seat, shampoo, soap shelves and cubbies. They need to be 'acclimated' like laminate flooring. This shower kit is perfect for a rectangular or square corner shower with 2 wall. They're more durable and life-like than acrylic or fiberglass walls (which have a tendency to crack or yellow). Doe not use abrasive or gritty cleaners (like Comet, Scotch Brite Pads, Magic Eraser etc.). Can be installed by your maintenance crews. To view all of the videos in this playlist, click the list icon at the top left of the player and select the video(s) you are most interested in. What this warranty does not cover: Damage caused during shipping, or by improper loading, moving or other forms of handling this product. Finally, I used Shower caulk in glossy white to fill the space between the bottom of the galvanized panels and the shower surround. Royale 3 Wall Shower Surround Kit - 96" option Model: SSK60369631Size - 60" x 36" x 96" 3 wall system This DIY shower stall panels works excellent when you want to eliminate the need to paint a small area at the ceiling (because it will reach the top of an 8' ceiling). This innovative material is easy to work with and will last! These panels can be cut with a table saw, router or circular saw. A … Bathroom wall panels eliminate maintenance – yet look exactly like tile (that’s why they’re called the ‘no tile, tile wall). What is the advantage of working with Innovate Building Solutions?Innovate Building Solutions is much more than a nationwide shower and tub wall panel supplier. It is not an easy task to fit shower wall panels; that’s why most … Yes – the standard installation kit comes with any wall panel system. Popular sizes include: 48 x 48, 54 x 30, 54 x 32, 54 x 36, 60 x 30, 60 x 32, 60 x 34, 60 x 36, 72 x 36. 98 Panels are simple to install and will ‘travel’ well to the job site. If you’re installing laminated wall panels over existing tile or wood you’ll need to add a glue appropriate to the wall surface you’ll go over to the back of the laminate panel.
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