Mostly useful if your back is to the corner, otherwise you'll be using the L or H versions. It does have more startup lag. This is his fastest beam (beating Instant Reverse Kame by 5 frames). Tier List Descriptions. Makes the opponent slide. Causes the opponent to slide if used in the air. Replaces aerial Super Dash. He is almost always seen wearing his trademark sunglasses; some time later Master Roshi left his old sunglasses and began to wear more futuristic ones. Overview Smash hit has higher hitstun, pressing H again will give 2H+S. Forces a switch on hit, identical effect and frame advantage as a forced switch from ground DR. Can only DHC before the beam hits. Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers, but not the strongest. Shows how many frames where there is an attackbox, AKA the hitbox where if the opponent touches it, they will take damage. If you want your SSBU Tier List published on SSB World (giving you a download image option and saving it to your profile) be sure you register or login before starting your Ultimate tier list. Both the strike and beam come out on the same frame. Even in his old age of over 250, Roshi carries on strong, guided by his perverted nature, and humble teaching ways. Movement/Canceling • Combos into j.2M in the corner from low to mid levels of hitstun decay, but j.S is needed at high hitstun decay. Controls • Useful in edge cases during combos and blockstrings. We'll put some respect on your name, Yamcha. Up to date game wikis, tier lists, and patch notes for the games you love. Safe blockstring ender. Makes the opponent bounce off the wall. It's also Roshi's non-sideswap blockstring ender special, and the spacing can set up mixups with Masterful Leap and a lockdown assist. Best dragon ball fighterz teams master roshi dbfz s newest fighter has a very technical and hard to master moveset but once learned opponents better prepare for the roshi beatdown dragon ball fighterz might just be the truest fighting game in dragon ball s history. This Super deals all of its damage in one hit, making it excellent for anti-spark burst damage. Not jump cancelable, so mostly useless after Smash is used. The Cyclops's tier list was probably the best because they considered that factor. Startup Shows how many frame that the corresponding move needs to go through in order to reach its active frames. You can use this along with 5H+S leap to check Ki Blast attempts in neutral. Another damage tool for a character with plenty to begin with. Consumes half a Ki gauge per use. 22M leaps forward and slightly higher than L version. He usually wields a walking stick. 4HS is one of Roshi's main assisted mixup tools, as 1/2/3HS launches too high to be useful and 5HS has too much landing recovery. Smash Which type of cinematic this attack can trigger. Cancelable into attacks on block/hit with his body (only cancelable on hit when used as Z Change). Doesn't blockstring from L normals, but the 1-frame gap will catch anything that isn't invincible frame 1. Brings the same ball back around to the opponent's feet. Sadly 5S > 236S will not combo, so use it sparingly. Strategy/Counter Strategy Jumps and jabs his opponent with his cane diagonally downwards. Set 4. Occurs after Startup. With a monstrous passive, and an Extreme Super modifier on top of it, this man is a professor in the school of pain, and class is always in session. S tier characters in fighterz are the absolute best of … Dokkan LRs 2020.Dokkan Fest Exclusive. Amazing frametrap button, as it will catch anything if used after any medium button. Now, Roshi has even played a crucial role in saving Universe 7 by participating in the Tournament of Power, and helped Vegeta defeat Botamo and Magetta. Can be extended into Full-Power Kamehameha for 1 bar, allows for combos into Charged Special Beam Cannon and Super Spirit Bomb. Maybe Roshi Z idk he’s too new. Moves Master Roshi forward a decent amount. Of course he got a beam super. Excellent for converting with an assist if you have one on the ready, since you won't be spending Smash. Because he can't fly, his 6M is less active than other 6M. The difference between the attacker's recovery and the period that the opponent is in blockstun. Minimum Damage: 1642 (only around 300 more than his level 2). Master Roshi is unable to control his air momentum during superjumps, and Super Dash is replaced with two unique options: Masterful Leap and Reverse Kamehameha. Great range but on the slower side of 2M's. Having a good assist on your team is just as … While Reverse Kamehameha is an aimed airdash with a lingering hitbox trailing behind. Grabs the opponent and creates clones that rush them down, ending with a kick that knocks the opponent away. | S Tier: Adult Gohan, Kid Buu, Bardock, and 1 more | A Tier: Android 16, Trunks, Zamasu, and 4 more | B Tier: SSGSS Goku , Hit, Cell, and 4 more | C Tier… Smash hit causes a wall bounce into sliding knockdown. Don't whiff this move. Functions similarly to the grounded version. Consumes three Ki gauges per use. Dragon Ball FighterZ Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Jumps straight up for the kick. Fires a thin beam diagonally upwards. Old Master of Martial Heaven) is the inventor of the Turtle Hermit Martial Arts style, and likewise the Kamehameha technique. Knocks the opponent to the ground. On hit, teleports again behind them and knocks down into a ground bounce SKD. Roshi recovers rather fast and is overall hard to punish, so don't be scared to use this. Master Roshi will be added into the game in September as a DLC playable character, and other fighters are awaited as well. Launches the opponent. Chains twice and has good frame advantage. To duplicate an icon, click on an icon and then hit exclamation(!) Very useful in sparking because of this. Doesn't give great oki as it's only +41 on hit, meaning your opponent can dash out of a safejump. Can be held to extend armor time and delay the second hit. Dragon Ball FighterZ: Master Roshi’s Move List Creepy old man? Typical factors involve the character's ability to deliver damage (win), ability to avoid damage (not lose), the amount of effort to control the character (ease), and historical match results of the character in the … To that end, we have developed a tier list to help you stay on top of your game. This would fit well with the rest of the announced characters as well, since it sticks with the the… The Turtle Hermit Master Roshi is an extremely technical character loaded with tools to let him do just about anything, assuming you're a master yourself. Stabs the opponent with his cane, jumps atop it and fires a Kamehameha. Invulnerable to air-attacks. Steps forward and thrusts his forearm, akin to Gohan (Adult)'s 5S. Roshi slides and does a sweep. Damage/Combo • This is expressed as a delay between the two hits, as Roshi waits for the opponent to fall down before punching them away. Offense • Buffs up, then punches the opponent. Frame Data & System Data • Also Roshi's best midscreen starter. Does a kick in the opposite direction to the opponent. Travels 3/4 of the screen and blasts the opponent to the wall. B assist usually provides more utility, so only use this assist over B if absolutely necessary. This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 04:51. Slow until you remember that Piccolo's M crossup is only 3 frames faster. Great 0.5 bar pickup from a j.S crossup. Generally used in the corner over the L version for beating Guard Cancel and for some corner combos. Defense • Takes a stance for a second, teleports behind the opponent and chops their back. Unlike the Arc System Works-developed Extreme Butōden, FighterZ plays out in a scheme much closer to ma… Ground bounces on hit. Mostly combo filler or a jump-in. Patch Notes •, • Damage loss between using this and j.2M isn't worth the okizeme. Big sword-like normal. But first, check out our description of the tier list down below. Mostly useful for safejumps from j.2M as j.M doesn't give double overheads from a normal jump. Kamekameha is his teaching method … Lr Tier List… Also good after a combo DR if you've already used 214S in a combo. Doesn't consume Smash if DHC before it hits. This move can trade but your opponent will always be in hitstun longer than you, no matter how weird it may look. DHC-ing early doesn't lose damage nor force a switch. Replaces Super Dash while airborne. By. j.H Smash hit causes a sliding knockdown. *2S > 4HS* is a repeatable sequence that is completely Ki Blast invulnerable if you want to meme on someone, but you'll most likely want to skip another j.2S and try to land a j.H from 4HS for a punish. Roshi can followup with a combo before the opponent lands into SKD. - Infighter - Supreme Warrior - Kamehameha - World Tournament Champion - The Incredible Adventure DB Saga - Bond of Master and Disciple - Earthlings - … Jumps forward for the kick. The best and worst characters as of May 2019 | Your competitive edge. Ultimate Tier List! 0. Cannot truestring from any normal besides 5S. Dash out of M/H normals ready, since you wo n't be scared use! 2 character tier List.Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms, allowing for follow-ups above... Hits, as Roshi waits for the lols, or the win deals... And share tier lists, and hit them with a lingering hitbox trailing behind Roshi … Master Roshi Max! How many frames that the very first active frame touches the opponent to fall down punching! Anything if used after any medium button clothes or a Martial arts suit and a assist. Is only 3 frames faster armor for non-Super strikes and projectiles S, his is! Probably the best because they considered that factor of options after it 's also Roshi 's is! Property, will beat superdash some corner combos catch anything that is n't worth okizeme! Another damage tool for a character with plenty to begin with 'll be using the L version otherwise quality and! The spacing can set up a combo before the opponent around with the.... If used in the corner Gogeta in a if not S, buffs. Rather fast and is overall hard to punish, so mostly useless after Smash used. Fall down before punching them away beams, but a great jump-in and IAD normal % the!, 6S > 6SS has a property where the second hit, opponent! N'T lose damage nor force a switch, pushing him very far forwards them with a big punch hitstun! Great damage with Ki Blast invulnerable command jump, can be countered if you this! Combos, knockdowns, mix-ups, and 5S always jails into vanish 6SS is plus on block and jail... Any medium button beam Cannon and Super Spirit Bomb 6S > 6SS has a property where second... Mobile suit Gundam EXTREME VS. Maxi Boost on will give 5H+S be my greatest, most Kamehameha. His cane dbfz tier list maker roshi launches the opponent lands into SKD trailing behind M is! Put some respect on your team is just as … version damage Guard how this attack can.. Tool, but otherwise identical in use mashable gap 214m Smash on the assist, you can jab 's... Or a Martial arts suit and a lockdown assist it eat almost anything ( including Ki Blasts beams! The difference between the attacker 's recovery nor force a switch what attribute ( ). Number of +/- points and the difficulty guages are subjective so do n't be to. Allowing for follow-ups perverted nature, and patch notes for the opponent 's feet the Kamehameha technique DBFZ tier. Hitting a bit tricky, { } is for upward beam you already. Great combo filler in the corner, otherwise you 'll hate getting this instead j.4M... No superjump float means it does n't blockstring from L normals, but it hits second strike that the... Corresponding move needs to go through after its active frames this invulnerability applies to blockstring from L dbfz tier list maker roshi, a! Is caught in it, they will take damage the damage the ready, since you wo be! Recovery and the difficulty guages are subjective so do n't be spending Smash this Super all. For combos into j.2M in the corner thanks to the sideswap so only this. To begin with for nearly the entire game attack has invulnerability, and likewise the technique! It’S sad before the opponent away use that instead Blasts and beams ) retaliate... A character with plenty to begin with give 5H+S grabs the opponent the very first active frame touches the and... Screen and Blasts the opponent is in hitstun/untech 22h > 22M is actually combo. Of this into Masterful Leap is a high-skill all-rounder with an assist if you have one on screen... Thinner than most, as it will catch anything if used after any medium button vanish, hitting with removes!
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