It is aged for two to four weeks, when young it is pleasant and simple. The fully-aged cheese has a marble-like texture while the taste is tangy and pleasant with a long and nutty finish. The light and fluffy textured cheese log has bright, creamy and tangy flavour. The milk is sourced from mixed breed goats from various farms located in Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri. It's perfect for crumbling on salads, melting on pizza, using as a base for ravioli fillings or presenting on a cheese board. This cheese is currently unavailable on official site. Crottin is a fresh pasteurized goat's milk cheese made by Andante Dairy in California, United States. Montchevre is the largest goat cheese brand in the United States. You can find it at a retailer near you here.Made in Wisconsin using traditional French cheese making techniques, Montechevre is the highest quality goat cheese available. All of Montchevre's goat cheeses are hand crafted from fresh, prime quality goat's milk. Garlic and herb artisan cheese Sought after Chevre cheese selection Soft goat milk cheese Following traditional French cheese-making traditions, Montchevre® fresh goat milk garlic and herb Crottin, expertly crafted in the USA, delivers the smooth, creamy texture and delicious flavor chefs at every level prefer. This unflavored goat cheese rondin is 2 pounds of soft, smooth, mild-tangy, goat-y goodness. The only difference is that Bijou is aged. Crottin is basically the French version of caprino, an Italian fresh goat’s milk cheese; and, is actually very similar to Bijou—another French cheese—likely because they are essentially the same. Montchevre fresh goat cheese log is a hand-crafted cheese made from fresh goat's milk, produced by Montchevre Cheese company in Located in Belmont, Wisconsin, US. MONTCHEVRE GOAT CHEESE.
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