CRNA Programs in Florida. The Florida International University, … In general, the easiest CRNA schools to get into by State are generally in the States with more CRNA schools. It is helpful to know some of the things that may be required for application before you begin the process. For example, the average acceptance rate for CRNA schools in Florida is 30% with 9 CRNA Schools. Florida International University – Nurse Anesthetist Practice. This allows for the student to receive hands-on experience in a completely safe and risk free environment. In general, applicants to CRNA schools may be expected to have the following: The Florida International University Miami Nurse Anesthetist Program is one of the first, and one of the few programs provided in the country that has integrated simulation-based education throughout the nurse anesthetist program. Applying to one or more of the many CRNA programs located in Florida may feel like a formidable challenge. This is high compared to the national CRNA average acceptance rate of 26%. The average acceptance rate for CRNA programs in Florida is 30%.
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