Run a poor process and you risk leaving behind a string of unimpressed stakeholders and it’s also unlikely you’ll get the information you need to deliver on the project. It is sexy to be in the CEO's office giving her the lowdown on what is wrong with the business and what to do about it. What are your consulting mistakes costing you? You can demonstrate enthusiasm throughout the interview process by: Three times a year I also run a free five-week Public Sector Consulting Fundamentals program  Register your interest here and I’ll let you know when the next one is starting– I’d love to have you join. If that applies to you, then you need to quickly unlearn some of those habits as they wont serve you well as a consultant. Using these rules one public sector client reduced the time for providing care for the elderly from 890 days to 55 - as the client put it 'astonishing! Here is just a few that is worth remembering (if you want to get to the top table that is). Stakeholders invariably hold the key to you being able to diagnose what’s going on and to lead you to the right solutions. And surprisingly being good with numbers and having a fantastic grasp of finance are very rarely what makes a top flight consultant. Communicating clearly and empathetically. Thinking conceptually and practically. More important is their ability to present, their people skills and how well they can suss out an organisation. And if this is down to your poor project management skills, you’ll also have to bear the costs yourself, so you’ll also be out of pocket. I am not proud of having made a few enemies along the way (not many, honest) and every time it was because my ego got in the way of the longer term goal and I forgot to use good people skills. Resonate with your client and their stakeholders. ', Lela Walker has published 1 post. 1. 6. 4. Most of the time, your duties will include breaking down of complex problems in an organized way. Review of the top events in the technology industry that will affect small businesses. Don't criticise or talk about clients behind their back, never get into an argument, ask questions rather than always giving the answers, and allow the client to discover the insights for themselves. You write an awful lot of words as a consultant and you will be called on to produce a whole variety of documents – consultancy proposals, interview frameworks, workshop agendas, workshop proceedings, issues papers, background papers, summary of findings, reports, strategies, plans. Presenting is your shop window. 1. Since then I've owned a management consultancy business for the past eleven years. But it’s not as simple as just talking to people; the process needs careful planning, sound process and good technique. Your core consulting skills are what will set you apart from other consultants; we constantly go up against the much bigger firms and beat them for the business because our skills are so good. Management jobs are all about people, and being able to build successful relationships is integral. If you’re looking for free resources for public sector consultants [like my consultancy proposal cheat sheet], click here. Here is a list of skills that help you with all of those steps: Creative thinking. Your client has engaged you to provide expert advice and you need to deliver exactly that. Potential clients will judge you based on the 20 minutes you spend in front of them on your feet. No matter how good you are spending more time learning how to present will catapult your career. Skill 2: You must have good people skills. I use a simple rule: each point lasts about 6-7 minutes and includes the point I want to make, a story or example to support my point, a question to make sure the audience considers how it applies to them and finally I re-state the point. Problem-solving. Before moving into consulting I was a Dale Carnegie Trainer, those guys are the best. There’s no getting away from it – in a competitive environment, if you don’t produce outstanding consultancy proposals, you simply won’t win enough business to stay afloat. Because analysis is generally the hardest phase of any project; you’ve successfully gathered and reviewed a mountain of information –now you have to make sense of it. Credibility. Organization and time management. Read on to find out what you need to know to win and make money in management consulting. 2. Build a plan to bridge the gap to help get management from the old to the new system. Many market research companies have done research and found, virtually without excerption, that the cleanliness of a restaurant is one of the top criteria customers use to choose where to eat. Your core consulting skills are what will set you apart from other consultants; we constantly go up against the much bigger firms and beat them for the business because our skills are so good. It seems obvious that in a job where conflict comes with the territory that consultants would be good with people - nope, not a chance! Organizations implement ERP system to achieve the core objectives of the ERP. Many of us had to learn to write in a particular style as employees of bureaucracies or other large organisations. But you can avoid that embarrassment by following a few diagnostic principles. Our take on the top 5 most important soft skills for consulting. Read on to find out what you need to know to win and make money in management consulting. Get used to it – projects are your new currency as a consultant. In 2009 I ran over 90 presentations. As you might expect, concise and effective communication is essential in the consulting world. Over that period what's set us apart from our competitors is my team's ability to grow and develop their core consulting skills. In no particular order: integrity, honesty, loyalty, experience, quality… the list goes on. 5. Demonstrate that you have a sound grasp of the client’s needs and a solid understanding of their operating environment; Map out an effective and efficient project methodology; Demonstrate a depth of analysis and critical thinking; and. Skill 1: You absolutely have to be a good presenter. Keep sight of the questions, Overcoming the fear of marketing yourself. Curiosity. Looking for answers? Distilling information into useful findings is a core skill you need to master as a consultant. Skills form part of management consulting competencies. You can have mediocre technical skills and great people skills and you'll nearly always be asked back, unfortunately the same is not always true in reverse. Consulting projects require constant coordination and discussion amongst consultants, clients, and any other third parties (i.e. To avoid failure and have a realistic picture of the whole project the top management of the company needs to work upon the project. This is why people get into consulting. There are many instances of failure of ERP projects associated even with big vendors and professionally run organizations.
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