It can be a pain learning too many compliments for guys that only work with guys. I mean, sure, a lot of us are a dime a dozen, but it’s still nice to know that to you, we stand out from the crowd. I appreciate that about you more than you’ll ever know. We're definitely guilty of #6. Here are 10 compliments for men you can also say to girls: 12. Men don't want to feel like a project to be fixed. Like I said: the longer you’re with a man, the harder it can be to remember to compliment him. I have written countless articles on ways to make women feel more seen, heard, loved, and appreciated. 0 0. for example girl likes to hear she looks cute or pretty what would be the equivalent for guys, cause I'm guessing you don't like hearing "your shirt looks cute :) " Updates: Follow. 01 /6 Compliments men would love to hear more often The power that lies within a few cheerful words is actually amazing! These may be out-of-the-box compliments for him, but at least he’ll get a laugh out of them. As many readers have expressed a desire to hear the male equivalent, I figured it’s time to fulfill those requests. Xper 4. Make your guy feel like a hero sent right out of the Marvel universe, and he is bound to blush and give you the cheeky kiss that you love so much. 0 0. All the comments below are as easily compliments for girls as they are for guys. Guys will never admit that they like compliments but hearing and reading compliments make their day happier and motivate them more. Twitter. Keep him happy with compliments and see how the big boy welcomes you deep in his heart with open arms. Well, what are flirty things to say to a guy you just met? 10 Compliments For Men You Can Also Say to Girls. What compliments do guys like to hear? hulahooop1234. Start with these six styles of compliments men would love to hear. Share . Facebook. While men might not get as much body-shaming marketing as the average woman does in western society, guys … So compliment him by telling him what a great listener he is. ♣ You work harder than anyone I know, and it makes my heart swell with joy because you do it for us. Compliments For Men ♣ No matter what’s on my mind, you always take the time to listen. So, save yourself some time and use compliments that work both ways. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear is a great way to increase his self esteem and make his daily life so much better. So any compliments that show him your appreciation for who he is will always be a winner. And you can’t go wrong with these funny compliments he really wants to hear. Just like women, guys want to think that we’re special in some way, so please try to remind us of this every once in a while. “You’re not like other guys.” Thank you for the wonderful compliment. "Men want to feel desired, like the woman in his life wants him, adores him, and approves of him as he is. It is as important for him to feel pampered and appreciated as it is for you. Contrary to popular belief, guys like to hear they look great too (among many, many other things). Follow. But step back from your daily life for a moment and see what a great boyfriend this guy really is. 10 Compliments Men Don't Want to Hear. ♣ You are such a blessing in my life, and I can’t imagine where I would be without you. By Jenna Birch. That’s a given! [Next, read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget!] Body and appearance-specific compliments. #11: The “You’re a Great Partner” Compliment. Pay attention to some of the flirty text messages you can send your crush to keep a man you like hooked and get him interested. 2. ... Not all men don't like this compliment, but some might feel overwhelmed by a statement like this. Facebook.
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