Everything you need to know to grow peonies in your perennial flower garden, plus 5 easy flower arrangements even a beginner can do. Steps. Method 1 of 2: Getting Peonies to Bloom on the Plant 1. Take care not to plant them too deep, give them rich soil and plenty of sun, and they'll be the belles of … Plant your peonies where they’ll get 4-6 hours of direct sun. Peonies need plenty of light in order to bloom. The little peony roots look a bit like carrots with coarse roots. You can also cut and store peony buds and get them to bloom in a vase long after the blooming season is over! How to shop for peonies. In spring you'll find potted peonies in garden centers. Peony rings were invented for just this purpose or you can use a wire tomato cage. I just leave them as-is every year but you can also try to propagate them. Peonies need support while growing due to their heavy flowers and brittle stems of the larger flowering varieties. Peonies come in various forms: Herbaceous peonies form a compact, bushy habit and produce large blooms during June. You also want to have a container of sugar water or a little sugar mixed in tepid water. Caring for Peonies. Discover 10 cut flowers to grow from seed. Even so, if you want to grow peonies, you'll want to get the best performance they can give. With their sumptuous, romantic blooms in shades of soft pink, white and glossy red, these are traditional border stars. Transplant at this time to about 1 foot apart and at the same depth as the plant was growing. I did not follow this but only took a few flowers from each plant so I hope it will still produce as many flowers next year. Unless you deadheaded, your peony flowers will produce seeds in pods. If you plant properly and avoid crowding, you shouldn’t have this problem. While the selection is usually pretty limited you can get them in the ground as soon as you get them home. Advertisement. If you want a new plant just like the parent, you should buy one or divide one. Immediately place the cut flowers into the sweetened water so they can absorb the energy. You can expect to have plenty of blooms in year 4 and 5. With a bit of luck (and good management) you can have a few blooms the following year (3rd year). How to grow herbaceous and intersectional peonies. Not too cold and not too hot. Choose a sunny site, and incorporate plenty of organic matter before planting. If your peony is a hybrid, the seeds will not be true to the parents, but could still be viable. ... Once they have established, peonies will provide you with many cut flowers to use in the five DIY flower arrangements I’ve listed at the end of the post. If you’re growing perennials as part of a cut flower patch, grow them rows as opposed to in groups or drifts as you would in the border – this will make weeding easier. Peonies are hardy plants bearing large, impressive flowers that can be enjoyed in the garden or used as cut flowers. They’re perfect for growing in a mixed herbaceous border in sun or partial shade.
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