��n1��J�dh �i--��+��VH�r��60뀽�e� M�*�!�Q����ќN�g�Lv Q�l���Z6��?��q��Ϫ�ʜ�ϨBs�3C�a0�欈�t2=�p����� endstream endobj startxref (�@����E�I�܋�C��Ht�V&�j�ߙ��Km�10�1���m��Wy.� ��F ��e�S�iM� '7[�9�$�m�? the Doctor of Medicine program at California Northstate University: Doctor of Medicine Tuition & Fees for 2017‐2018 Academic Year Tuition & Fees Amount Class Tuition $57,230.00 M1, M2, M3, M4 Student Association/Support Fee $350.00 M1, M2, M3, M4 Vice President of Academic and Medical Affairs, Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine �PM '�.qN��^>I8�����7���`Y^U����Χ�0���W�Që�(��>�x� ��i���%�>��뒑n�E��m��Q���/��H{u}^��k��ݡ� =���P�aA��J(@"2��o�Z�ḹ��sM��5�5�^��L��ZeV��jMT�@�Z������R�:��'�;E�&����#� 19 0 obj <> endobj The application fee at California Northstate University is $100. �ڠ�БX�h ڍE��bѡ�8�MYL�ћN��S=>?���ܐoi^y(� ����:��'t����h���з]M��&.��2]|���cM8c�v|�7����*���x��q�%�%���i7�e��a6������b��ς�:�y$ �7��0�u���#�.�Y�����gzu�g���!���A�g_�[�U��2[�EI�ٚD��EZy�y������f�z����*[׻YY՗�iI��1��•��.58�t���F_��w�Z{CO��j$�����h�jZ���(3��+��Y̥�A"�ی�b�?� ���6v���Ž�Ž1�#�;���v���bB�t��#q�2w:�::�������}X��ʯʻ�9g\�`B-aԀvs`&ȡ{�BO�]�7 �\H�5�X��M�b -�:���U/�/A؀�Ռ^�:���I!��� �� r�B1�Xހ�%`��" �Y����׈��>u���Xj�.�|� ...the graduate program director at the college, said she expects the program to be particularly attractive to midcareer professionals in the health care industry who have business administration skills... CNU Partnership Hopes To Bring Diversity & Inclusion To Healthcare In Elk Grove With Youth Focused Summer Camp. �Ϳx$�S_T�����~>���!��v״��g ��"�3����U��OtՉv�b8w1nB4V��������ɑf�A���ק�m�B�A�)��x�W��>n6|�3P�DF��~���U�4��x��}�\�F���~���ON9�4$��6�i�&�$nl���$�p��H��1\ԔN�"-4"�7pET�.T�\��QGF]8�&�$�F�j��8����pъ4�U��� H��WKo�F��W�! ��ԩ�뤟���Ya�ჳ&�¸�8�,��ャ�'������O�A��h.R�V`E���ЯO�z/I/z�ܣ���W������|:(��V��5�6�8��kFQ=g��u ��y�w4��Ϡ���6����w�\C����q��$����]��xc7]�� {��p��d��~uw:&i}�]M�����/R zu�S��̰t�_�֙X�b�X�`)dǠH������� ��TG� ȎTS� Tuition and fees are charged to students on a full-time, semester basis. Awarded NIH Grant to Support Cardiovascular Research. h�b```a``r�7@����(��`Nk��� ����� �20�����X,��ϰM�[C��^��Lk��rr�D�V0��;0Hx3\X$�-– ����i��f�N �d`���gT0 Y�� 0 %PDF-1.5 %���� �����m�����/b��쒓Ǔ��������ۇƗϿ[VOb$}�=��rd!8��dH���cd��K�4�m᱈�j؃��57x,X|@�ܣ 9` |b�I�9���*�+����x����0:�������P��B�(:�m���!�B� D@�8��qQ��6� �0H See More. Generally, tuition and fees are charged to a student’s account thirty (30) days prior to the start of each semester term. Privacy Policy, Academic and Scholarly Achievements (pdf), Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA), Embracing diversity and workplace excellence, Caring about our students, our staff, our faculty, and our profession, Advancing our university, our goals, and our discipline, Responding to challenges that may impede Mission. 0 j�U endstream endobj 24 0 obj <>stream To Recognize Academic Excellence and Diversity. h�TP=o� ��[u�p�n���뒡j��89��C����Ru��=������.�`zL0:o ���A���<4�3iG5�YG�Y�oK¹�c��e�#'�D� ��A�#�����G����~��g� (G�//:���W�9lAV�쳃�%j����� the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute... CNU will offer a master’s degree in health administration. The medical school at California Northstate University has an application deadline of Dec. 15. �fW�ˇj���w��l6��{Y�ё!Ϯ��5�P�ʰ4E����1�[�ӂe�C��)����jҖ��ќ�l& �0�a��y�V Professor of Internal Medicineand Infectious Diseases, Vice DeanProfessor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Associate Dean of Medical EducationProfessor of Molecular Pharmacology and Clinical Biochemistry, California Northstate University Announces New Scholarship ...has received a four-year, $2.5-million grant from !N*��T����3����榉��I(��Z)���v�*]ʆ�+�e���V1���!��� .m2 endstream endobj 23 0 obj <>stream The curriculum at the College of Medicine is based on Clinical Presentations (CPs); symptoms or conditions that cause patients to seek the help of a physician. In partnership with Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) and tech giant Intel Corporation, the youth focused summer camp is CNU’s most recent effort to bring more minorities into the field of healthcare... California Northstate University © . DeanProfessor of Infectious Diseases 56 0 obj <>stream California Northstate University College of Medicine Awarded NIH Grant to Support Cardiovascular Research: Announcement from the Office of Medical Education: Announcement from the Office of Academic Affairs: Dr. Vijay Khatri, Editor of Precision Medicine In Surgical Oncology: Graduation 2020 Keynote Dr. Shcatz: LCME Monthly - March 2020 California Northstate University (CNU) announced today that it has established :�t�G��%��� H��WMs�6��W��0!x��L'3M�Z{��ٓ�#3�jE��Jg���@$E��I�K/�����,�Y�Y��9�/�?W���L��e`2�=3&c�z�C��q+�8�!Ō�a). endstream endobj 20 0 obj <> endobj 21 0 obj <> endobj 22 0 obj <>stream the President Academic and Diversity Scholarship, in a partnership between the CNU President’s Office Tuition & Fees: Amount: Class: Tuition 1: $46,902.00: P1, P2, P3, P4: Student Tuition Recovery Fee 2: $24.00: P1: Student Tuition Recovery Fee 2: $23.50: P2, P3, P4: Student Activity Fee: $320.00: P1, P2, P3, P4: Orientation Fee: $35.00: P1: BCLS/CPR Certification Fee $40.00: P1: BCLS/CPR Certification Fee $30.00: P3: Immunization Certification Fee (Spring semester)
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