Welcome to the AMPlifier – a spotlight on the latest and greatest industry updates. Columbus Day is still a thing, so people are searching about it. The second prong of our strategy is availability. Jeffrey Dunn | Los Angeles, California | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Bolthouse Farms | 500+ connections | See Jeffrey's complete profile on Linkedin and connect We logged one early win simply by applying a basic principle of the soft drink business to our juices: Beverages are adopted one drink at a time. Some of the most memorable and effective campaigns in recent history have been for commodity products. I don’t know that we’ve made carrots or other vegetables and fruits cool. Second, we benefit from Campbell long-term outlook and financial strength. If Coca-Cola could persuade people to drink more than a billion servings of its soda each day, why couldn’t we do the same for a vegetable? Also, Amazon Prime Day got moved from July to last month because of the pandemic. Although Bolthouse was already a very successful business—one that had pioneered the “baby carrot” in 1985 and had launched a juice line in 2003—I thought I could add value by turning it from a family farm business into an innovative, professionally managed and branded organization. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley of California and is headquartered in Bakersfield, California in Kern County. Here are the most important ones from last month: Trump - 10/1/2020 - 5,000,000+ queries Hope Hicks - 10/1/2020 - 2,000,000+ queries Kayleigh McEnany - 10/5/2020 - 1,000,000+ queries Pence Fly - 10/7/2020 - 2,000,000+ queries 25th Amendment - 10/8/2020 - 1,000,000+ queries Trump town hall - 10/14/2020 - 1,000,000+ queries Hunter Biden - 10/14/2020 - 1,000,000+ queries AOC - 10/20/2020 - 1,000,000+ queries Debate tonight - 10/21/2020 - 2,000,000+ queries Amy Coney Barrett - 10/26/2020 - 2,000,000+ queries Excluding the two politics-related terms that made the 10 million+ club, this list contains the keywords that were queried the most in October. Thanks for reading. Jeff was the CEO of Bolthouse for 6 years before helping sell the business to Campbell's Soup Company in 2012. The Number Of Politics Related Keywords Continues To Grow With the election coming up on November 3rd, the politics-related phrases increased again as compared to September and August. The company put its products in vending machines, used Sesame Street characters on its packaging, and sold through retailers such as Walmart and 7-Eleven. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. Bolthouse has estimated annual revenues of … You never know what you might learn. Our private equity investors wanted to exit eventually, so we had to be disciplined about costs. But we didn’t stop there. TWITTER LAUNCHES NEW 'CAROUSELS' AD FORMAT OPTION Twitter announced a new addition to its ad format options: Carousels. He and his team decided to use some of the tactics of junk food companies, which are experts in demand creation. How do you make carrots cool? We Are The Champions Of the 93 keyword phrases we collected in October 2020, 39 of them were sports related. Campbell had the vision to see the potential in the fresh food category and in the Bolthouse brand. We currently have two Campbell PhD food scientists on loan, and we take advantage of the company’s well-established relationships with big retailers. Back-office functions such as finance and legal have been integrated, but we’ve retained control of operations, sales, and marketing, with the understanding that headquarters resources are available to us. See Jeff Dunn's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. The NBA is certainly more popular from a search perspective. As consumers become better educated about the importance of a healthful diet, we don’t want price to be a stumbling block. And yet as recently as 2012, the per capita consumption of fruits and vegetables was shrinking by 7% a year, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In 2012, Campbell Soup parted with $1.55bn to get a foothold in the chilled store perimeter via the acquisition of Bolthouse Farms. So I think for consumers, Bolthouse Farms is known mostly as a juice company. Amongst the bevy of acquisitions, innovations, and donations, CEO Jeff Dunn, interviewing on Instagram as @ChiefCarrotOfficer, found time to chat with CBS News Crooked Media’s Alex Wagner, to discuss how the powerhouse company faced the current challenges in our It was an instant hit, generating significant media attention and boosting sales by 13%. Read More INSTAGRAM LAUNCHES UPDATED UI FOR STANDALONE THREADS APP Instagram has announced a new update for its standalone Threads app, which despite seemingly not gaining massive traction is still holding on, a year after its initial release. The company operates facilities in Prosser, Washington. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a gruesome compound right ankle fracture and dislocation during a game on the 11th. When Madison Dearborn, the private equity firm that controlled Bolthouse, asked if I would be interested in the chief executive job, I jumped at the opportunity. But another lesson I had learned at Coke was how important it is to invest during tough times, especially in marketing initiatives, because the return on investment is better: Competitors retrench, ads are cheaper, and customers appreciate and then reward your resilience. Recently, Bolthouse Farms took a page out of Coca-Cola's book to make carrots look just as cool as soda and is … The 10 Million Plus Club For October 2020 This month, there was only one Google Doodle driving over 10 million queries in a day (Mary Ann Shadd). Whereas we previously relied on grocery store chains for distribution, we’re now also working with big-box retailers, such as Walmart and Costco, and encouraging the two groups to establish or beef up “snack” sections in their produce departments, stocking both Bolthouse products and those of our direct and indirect competitors so that the scale warrants the retailers’ investment. How vending machines, a model in skimpy clothing, and a killer tagline brought boring old carrots into the cool crowd. We launched a new three-package strategy, with aggressive single-serve price promotion, and within nine months we had surpassed Odwalla to become the top-selling juice maker in the country. The company had spent a total of maybe $100,000 on marketing before, and we were about to spend $2 million in a single year. October started off with a bang when the President contracted COVID-19 and continued with more queries related to politics as the election got closer. Industry observers were initially puzzled by the acquisition, since there are no classic overlaps between the two businesses: Campbell sells canned goods in the middle of stores; we sell produce on the perimeter. Keen to get into the better-for-you space, I left the company and did a short stint as the CEO of the snack food holding company Ubiquity Brands, overseeing its reorganization.
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