Longfield Gardens offers clematis plants that produce large flowers in colors such as white, pink, red, blue and purple. Non-vining, the new foliage flaunts bronze on the reverse. CLEMATIS 'Multi Blue' (klem-AT-iss) CLEMML4: Common Name: Description: Broad, rich navy blue tepals topped with many inner layers of shorter, narrower, and more pointed, reddish-purple-blue tepals with … These flowering perennial vines come in colors ranging from light lavender to deep purple, from burgundy to pink. We even have a yellow clematis … Clematis Plants for Sale - Colorful Selection - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The healthiest clematis plants start here! These hardy perennials are climbing vines that grow in sun or part shade. Because Clematis … Blooming twice a year with huge soft violet to soft blue… Clematis vines are some of our best-selling perennials. Cholmondeley' (pronounced Chumley), is a delight. Selected by Boskoop Nurseryman Frans Van Heasteert in Holland, this sport of Clematis x 'Mrs. More Details. Niobe Clematis … ... Multi Blue Clematis Plant. In late summer, glistening, thread-like creamy seed heads rival the beauty of the blossoms. Price: 25.00 Starts Shipping April 5, 2021. Garden Crossings offers over 70 varieties of clematis; more than any other mail order nursery! Clematis Stand by Me - Common name:Vine, Bush Clematis - Petals arch backward on hundreds of nodding purple flowers trimmed in blue in early summer.
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