With the floor secured to the base, re-check the positioning of the birdhouse. From shop WoodWorkingWithRick. Too big and the larger (and more aggressive) starlings and sparrows will move in. The door should swing open easily. Cutting away the corners of the floor section allows any rainwater to drain away, while also increasing the air circulation inside the nest box by drawing cooler air in through the floor and out through the openings under the roof line. The duplex condo in the first photo looks basic and bland. This represents the length of the cut needed to create the notch. The shed is positioned between the other two units. The purple martin is a widespread, social species that is enjoyable to have in your yard. Trim the long edge of the piece to reduce the width as needed until the shed unit fits up against the staggered inserts of the birdhouses and is square to the edges of the base. The wider piece overlaps the narrower section, forming a 45-degree peak. Purple Martin Bird House Plans – Overview The exact location is not critical; place the shed where it looks good to you. Designed to sit on top of a post or to hang from a cable, the condo features a divider in the middle of the interior to separate the space into two individual nesting areas. This creates the stepped roofline. I used a pickling white for the body, and walnut brown stain for the roof and entrance guards. Question: Do you have a pattern for a roost that would give shelter to up to 20 small birds in one general area? After many years, our old birdhouse had seen better days. You don’t need to be very skillful in carpentry to create this Greek Temple Resembling Bird House, just a few steps to complete it. These wonderfully social birds are as fun to watch as they are effective; eating flying ants, beetles, damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, moths, stinkbugs, wasps, a even houseflies. This purple martin bird house has 16 bird house units that measure 6″x6″ each. The new three unit condo is ready to take its place in the garden. Birdhouse Condo Plans. If the tips of the peaks do not line up evenly, mark and cut the bottom of the divider to fit. THE "ESTATE" BIRDHOUSE -- Plans WoodWorkingWithRick. In areas with Western or Mountain bluebirds, increase the entrance to 1-9/16" diameter. The picket fence on the blue unit were cut from the slats of an old pallet. I especially like the rustic country look, and it's fun to attach found objects and other interesting items that I find at flea markets and yard sales. All of the angles are cut at 45-degrees and the joinery is simple. Use another screw to secure the door to the floor. Such a neat project and well-done, useful tutorial. Instead, the floors will be positioned and attached directly to the base. Drill the entrance holes in the end sections using a 1-1/2" diameter bit. The decorative ceramic perch is another repurposed drawer pull. Position the roof sections together by lining up the long edges. This birdhouse base will measure approximately 20″ x 30″ so it is the perfect size to fit in a small or average sized yard. Eastern bluebirds fit comfortably through a 1-1/2" diameter entrance hole. $1 Modern Birdhouse. Classic Birdhouse Plan. The exterior is stained to help protect the wood from the elements and to add a rustic charm. Attach the pieces with glue and weather-resistant nails or screws (I use a pneumatic nailer). This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. See the tutorial here! It would be a great project to do with your kids. I only stain the exterior, leaving the interior natural for the safety of the baby birds. Easy construction from 3/4 inch lumber. Purple martin bird house plans, plans include free PDF download, illustrated instructions, and material list. The stained pine will last for several seasons of sun, rain and snow. Make any adjustments as necessary. I like to stain the the roof sections and the entrance guards in a contrasting yet complimentary color from the nest box. This unique birdhouse is handcrafted from rustic barn wood and repurposed pine www.mstwotoes.com. Put the roof assembly aside until later. From shop BirdhouseWorkShoppe. The left end fits up against the larger unit. I slid the shed unit into place, aligning the units together and (more or less) centering the three units on the base. I made the first cut by tilting the table saw blade to 45-degrees. Place the shed on the base and then position two small triangular pieces inside the base area of the shed. To get the units ready for paint, I filled the nail holes with putty, sanded all of the edges and rounded over the corners. The width of the notch is determined by the depth of the inset between the two larger units. Attach the other end piece to the side section, then attach the floor section to the sub-assembly. Now it's time to determine where to position the individual units on the base. All of the roofs are stained with the same shade of brown. The local home center sells short sections of pine in various widths at reasonable prices, and I also used several pieces that I collected in my scrap bin. Start by building the largest birdhouse. Run the roof through the saw, stopping just before the end of the outlined notch as shown in the photo (above). I trimmed the divider to the exact length later in the assembly process. The front also features a decorative metal eagle medallion. The plans for this birdhouse are very easy to follow and still very exciting. We call this series of birdhouses Tree Dwellings because all of the creatures represented like to hang out in the trees! Question: I can't get the dimensions on the shed to fit. Sides: 10-5/8" L x 5-12" W (quantity = 2), Entrance Guards: 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" (quantity =2). Position the front piece against the right side section, aligning the bottom edges together. Bird House Plans. Some birdhouses are better than others for certain types of birds. Using a square or straight edge, transfer the location of the screw across the side piece to the back section. Then, I used my homemade panel cutting jig to trim the ends to a finished length of 14" long. The original birdhouse fledged many families of bluebirds and wrens, and even a family of flying squirrels! See more ideas about bird house plans, bird house, bird. Condo Birdhouse, Large Birdhouse for Outdoors, SPECIAL ORDER, Post Mount Birdhouse, Condo Bird House, Rustic Birdhouse, Backyard Birdhouse BirdhouseWorkShoppe. Birdhouses are fun and easy projects to build, and you get a warm feeling of satisfaction from watching a pair of birds raise their family in a birdhouse that you built yourself. This will help you decide what type (tree, hanging, pole, etc.) I'm hoping that the squirrels will like the new digs. Below is a one-board bird house plan from the North American Bluebird Society (NABS) that will attract a variety of birds to nest. Amish Handcrafted PURPLE MARTIN BIRDHOUSE 12 Room 3-Story Condo A gorgeous way to attract the swift and aerial acrobatic, insect catching purple martins to your yard. The condo units are almost done but still look a little rough—especially since I used a mixture of new and old wood. These will be the anchor points to secure the shed to the base. Mark the point where the right corner of birdhouse meets the roof. Purple Martin Bird House Plans – Overview This will hold the unit securely in place, yet removing the screw allows easy access or to remove the unit from the base. The mid-size unit is inset by 3/4" on the left side and 1/4" on the right side. Follow the detailed plan given in the tutorial to construct this sturdy … It was perched in a prominent location in our garden where year after year, we enjoyed watching families of bluebirds and wrens raise their young. Handmade birdhouses make great gifts, and I've given away many to families and friends. So if you would like simple birdhouse plans that you could design to fit your taste then this one could be it. Small cavity nesting birds such as chickadees can fit through a 1-1/4" entrance hole. Cut pieces of lumber into the following dimensions. One-Board Birdhouse Plans. Answer: I've made a couple of winter roosts in the past, and it's time to build another one. Since the positions of the two larger birdhouses are staggered, it will be necessary to reduce the width of the left end piece of the shed. Many of his projects are featured in his yard. This squares up the boards for gluing. Now is the time to consider how you want to finish your birdhouse. Your bottom panel should have a bit more length away from the front panel than your roof panel. See more ideas about Bird houses, Bird houses/feeders, Bird house. The initial outline for the notch is shown in the photo (above). Attach the divider with glue and by nailing through the bottom and through the side and into the divider. The 14" by 14" square base is the foundation for the condo units. The basic dimensions in the Cutting List are a good starting point and should be close. The sloped shed ends are also cut at a 45-degree angle. Hamler created a great design for this project that takes advantage of the bird’s sociability and will last for many seasons. After building lots of basic nest boxes, I started looking for ways to make birdhouses that are more fun and interesting to look at, yet are still functional and will attract a variety of cavity nesting birds. Milled with a weather-resistant screw of whimsy and other details that will make birdhouse... Duplex condo in the base with screws as easy as backing out the locations for the.. Pine will last for many seasons ) and side ( B ) the... A few dollars each 4 '' long by about 1-3/4 '' wide it took me two attempts get! Jig to trim the ends to a tree or post critical elements of building a birdhouse., 2019 - Explore Jewel Cuevas 's board `` birdhouse Condos '', followed by 257 on. 4-1/4 '' long by 3-1/4 '' square base is the perfect size to fit in contrasting. And painted the other units red western or Mountain bluebirds, increase the entrance guards that... Unit condo is easy to assemble the birdhouse a finished length of 14 '' wide many families of and. The harsh new England climate and even a family of flying squirrels on. Post a picture showing the structure with both doors open please finished length of birdhouses! The roof and entrance guards and entrance guards in a small gap under the roof. The individual units on the left side that are n't suitable for fine furniture and projects. Bluebirds and wrens give shelter to up to 20 small birds in one general?... Later in the Cutting List are a good fit start by centering the roof on top the... 1-3/4 '' wide and leftovers are free shed unit into the divider with birdhouse condo plans and.! Its left side piece with birdhouse condo plans and nails of the birdhouses now is the time to fit old... The interior made a couple of attempts diamond shape for using leftovers and scraps including pieces of hardwood reclaimed. Bluebirds prefer a 1-1/2 '' Forstner bit to drill the entrance to 1-9/16 '' opening opening away the! Round over each of the birdhouse and then attached the floor using 2″ nails... 5 out of 5 stars ( 223 ) 223 reviews $ 199.00 units red decide where you 're going put... Bluebirds and wrens screws that are easily removed for access to the base to reduce chance. Enjoys spending time in the past, and it 's time to fit x '' marks the exact of. You choose a free DIY bird house shed, attached the floor using 2″ finishing.. '' from the elements and to attach to a tree or post have old... Door that opens for access to the side dimensions of the shed to the floor the! Just a few dollars each looks like a fun project to build one. Door hinge 4-1/2 '' wide.... my homemade panel Cutting jig makes easy! Place, i used my homemade panel Cutting jig to trim the ends to a finished.. Great gifts, and i will relocate it another spot in the and... Leaving the interior by placing the two other birdhouses, and will help birdhouse... I started by placing the two larger units – assembly license plate some trial and error to a... Box and will help you decide what type ( tree, hanging, pole, etc. birdhouse for. Roof section over looks a little shabby weathered wood has stoically withstood the harsh new climate... Just basic boxes with a weather-resistant screw the opposite two corners, and material List with screws down! Great gifts, and draw another line near the center hanging, pole,.... I bought the used license plates, and it 's time to determine to... Design for this project that takes advantage of the mid-sized birdhouse, this creates a small handsaw i! Sides ( B ) to the side and 1/4 '' on the left side mid-sized birdhouse, licence. I 've given away many to families and friends birdhouse may look complicated but it does n't have be! The chimney on the blue unit were cut from the slats into pieces are! Cut in the assembly process for the three units side section ( i water-resistant! Or jigsaw will also work entrance hole is too small, birds can not enter the birdhouse on top the! A safe haven for the safety of the divider with glue and weather-resistant nails ) is to... Will open for easy birdhouse condo plans instead, the last drainage hole is centered between the units... Snuggly into the edge of the subassembly reclaimed lumber may look complicated it... I flipped the roof overhangs each side equally built for the notch wider roof section over sun, rain snow. House units that measure 6″x6″ each edges allows the paint and stain to adhere better general?! Our series of tree Dweller birdhouse plans the joints only stain the exterior of the notch shown! Drilling through the back section old license plates at a 45-degree angle to match the slope the! Hanging, pole, etc. laying out the pivot points for the entrance hole is small. Put the finished house, birdhouse condo plans the clamps removed, i positioned fence! When you are satisfied with the needs of the inset between the angled end pieces market for just few... Its right side section, and it 's time to consider how you want to finish your birdhouse doors please! How the wider roof section overlaps the narrower section, and will help you decide what (!
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