If you think of a traditional desk lamp design, this one matches that, but the design trumps anything else on the market. You can also get clip-on models, most of which are also mains powered. Thanks to the micro USB design, it can be powered by your laptop, computer, mains plug or a power bank/mobile phone charger if you’re away from home. We dislike Either way, you’re saving a plug space, which is great if it is already overloaded with computers/printers and all of your other equipment. Plus you’ll need to provide your own E14 bulb. Material: Aluminium TRUE LED DESK LIGHT FOR YEARS . You can sync the colours with whatever you are doing or watching. They aren’t just for working with a computer or laptop at a desk. They can now be found on the lampshade, on the base or the lamp may even use a touch-sensitive control panel. Final Verdict Those that come with built-in LEDs should offer an array of brightness and temperature settings, too. Switch Type: Push The Aukey Table Lamp can auto-cycle through a range of colors from the RGB color spectrum, or be paused on a color of choice with a simple tap. You can adjust the LED settings throughout the day using a subtle, touch-sensitive dial mechanism on top of the base, too. Bulb: 4W G9 LED Capsule TOP QUALITY But if you want something you can pop on for a few minutes of reading before bed or while you do an hour of work in the evening at home, it should be up to the task. Button: Touch Sensor All rights reserved. Something slightly different now, but if you prefer your light to be a bit more atmospheric or have a very particular favourite shade of white, then the adjustability is enormous with this one. If you want a heavily adjustable light, and aren’t bothered about it being the traditional desk lamp design, then there are few smart lamps which are much better. Bulb: LED Its matte appearance strikes a tone between traditional and modern, meaning it will suit a variety of settings. The smoky bulb colour combined with either the brass or steel look is a real winner, which wouldn’t look out of place in an old Agatha Christie-style library office. Whether you choose the black, white and wood grain options, this is an excellent lightning accessory for a modern space. There are nice easy instructions, with good information regarding the correct type of bulb and care guide. But it’ll look great, and provide excellent accent lighting to any room. HIGH END They can all be selected by sliding your finger across the touch controls on the base. READ NEXT: MyLifi: The smart desk lamp. We like It is a lot taller than we imagined it to be, so if you want something to take around with you if you work on-the-go, just double check it is appropriate. No difficult button selections or adjustments of dials. LED bulb is not replaceable Material: Plastic, Metal Think crisp, bright light in Spring and warmer tones hues for the winter blues. That’s why one of the lamps with built-in LEDs from TaoTronics or the OttLite lamp might be ultimately less expensive. It also makes it a great choice if you also enjoy a bit of downtime when you’re at your desk, whether it is watching television, gaming, video production or even sewing. A tiny USB light, which works well if you need to direct light onto your keyboard when working in darker conditions. Because of the classic design, it isn’t going to go out of fashion or not go with any future decor so really is a purchase for life. It also has wide jaws, so it is great for thicker desks and bedside table.
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