4 years ago. – Amount Required: Has 1 Skill: 1 orb; Has 2 Skills: 2 orbs; Has 3 Skills: 3 orbs; Has 4 Skills: 4 orbs • You must summon the fairy to change its skills. There are 5 levels in fairy skills, and you cannot raise or lower the level once you learn the skill. The orb can change skills learned by a fairy. Skill Change Points can be thought of as being similar to Fail Stacks (Enhancement Chance). Each time you do not get the skill you desired from using the Mount Skill Change coupons you will receive +1 Skill Change Point. Worst thing about the game and I refuse to use more coupons because of this. That luck is unbeliveable !!!!! It just hurts too much. This excludes gift skills. The following BDO Life Skill Ranks are in order of max rank (Guru) to Beginner: Guru 50 Life Skill Levels; Master 30 Life Skill Levels; Artisan 10 Life Skill Levels; Professional 10 Life Skill Levels; Skilled 10 Life Skill Levels If the horse learns the desired skill the "Skill Change Points" will be consumed much like Fail Stacks. BDO Life Skill Ranks: All 10 Life Skills have a max of 7 ranks. RNG CARRIED Follow me on Twich: https://www.twitch.tv/doubleak1 Thanks for watching BDO Fairy skills, effects/fairy type “The number of skills Laila can learn depends on her innate potential. Additionally, if you give your fairy certain gear items, Black Spirit’s Claw, Sweet Honey Wine, or Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine, you can make the fairy grow. The number of Theiah's Orbs required will differ depending on the number of skills the fairy already learned. And each rank has a multiple Life Skill Levels.
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