It is a vine, an annual plant, closely related to cucumbers, squashes and watermelon. Grown as a curiosity by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, Balsam Pear Vine produces small yellow flowers followed by green fruits that at first resemble 10 inch long pickles. Momordica balsamina (aka Balsam Pear, Bitter Cucumber, La-Kwa, or Bitter Melon) is a tender, tropical perennial grown as an annual. Momordica balsamina is a tendril-bearing annual vine native to the tropical regions of Africa, introduced and invasive in Asia, Australia, Central America, and North America, where they have been found in … Balsam Pear; Bitter Gourd; Phonetic Spelling mo-MOR-dih-kah kar-AN-tee-ah ... Momordica charantia is a vigorous, tendril-bearing, frost tender, annual vine of the cucumber family that will grow rapidly to 12 … ... Other common names: balsam apple, balsam pear… They are luscious, high-climbing vines with slightly fuzzy stems clothed … Called balsam pear or balsam apple, the botanical name is Momordica charantia. This resemblance ends … It attaches itself to whatever is available, a fence, a post, another plant, via tendrils, those coil-like appendages seen in the lower left of the picture above.
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