Among all physicians, the average time spent seeing patients is 37.9 hours per week. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most. Salary estimates are based on 380 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Anesthesiologist employees. Salary – US$150,000. Job Satisfaction: Very High. Do Anesthesiologists work in an office-style work environment? Featured Healthcare Schools. Once a month. Salary – US$132,000. Becoming One: Very Hard. Andrew DePietro Salary Rank . Every day. Filter by location to see Anesthesiologist salaries in your area. ... Just like any other job, the salary of an Anesthesiologist will increase as they become more experienced. The average salary for a Anesthesiologist is $378,845 per year in United States. A Dutch anesthesiologist is able to earn between €6,000 – €11,000 a month which adds up to €72,000 a year – €132,000 a year. Follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn . Salary: $267020 per year. United Kingdom. 95%. A consultant in the UK has a starting salary of £79,860 per annum and this rises to £107,668 once they achieve over 19 years of work experience. Remember, the number symbol (#) for state salary data means, “ This wage is equal to or greater than $100.00 per hour or $208,000 per year. 5%. In a typical work week as an Anesthesiologist, you can expect to work more than 40 hours per week. The national average salary for a Anesthesiologist is $340,369 in United States. Find out how much do Anesthesiologists make in 2020 including average annual salary, salary per hour, starting salary and salary in different states. 7.
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