1. 6. 1829. Occupation: 1853, Storekeeper She was born Abt. More About James Hanlon:          Baptism: May 01, 1779, St.James2. Will of John Anderson late of Wilton in St Ann Jamaica who died 10/03/1875 at Wilton proved by nephews John Anderson of Liverpool and Charles Parke of London, 03/11/1875; effects in England under £80,000. Joseph Denman Anderson, born March 06, 1875. 1782 - 1804. 2. It is thought by . B0038 Jamaica Birth Register I & II, 1844-1846, I, p. 30 #9. BC4388 Westmoreland marriages 1925-1930, 1927 #147. More About Clara Campbell: 1858 - 1861, Proprietor Child of Sarah Malcolm is: Build your family tree online ; Share photos and videos ; Smart Matching™ technology ; Free! Residence: 1810, Cousins Cove Estate, Hanover Follow The Gleaner on Twitter and Instagram @JamaicaGleaner and on Facebook @GleanerJamaica. At the same time, the commissioner highlighted that one of the largest gangs in the country, the Klansman gang that is based in St Catherine, should diminish greatly in its influence as roughly 60 of its key members are currently behind bars and scheduled to face trial in January. 4 iii. Transcriptions from Registers and Wills (Church of England, Dissenters, Civil Registration), Jamaican Roman Catholic Church Registers - transcriptions, Jamaican Methodist Baptisms - transcriptions, Jewish births marriages deaths - transcriptions. 1887 and 1890 Frank Eubank Children of John Anderson and Olive Gabandon are: Tree Family Ancestors Descendants Kin Reports Maps Printable. 2. Hello all I am new to this list, and I am hoping that someone may be able to assist me in my search for information about the following family.Any information about these individuals, or places where I can obtain information on-line much appreciated.So far, I have been unable to find any trace of them on the IGI … 5. 1. B0028 Jamaica Parish Register New Series V & VI, 1849-1862, V, p. 279. She married Richard Robin Rigg December 20, 1950 in St. Paul's Anglican Church, Little London, Westmoreland; born April 11, 1927; died April 11, 2005. Last Names Names Index Events … Registration: March 03, 1887, in Black River by father. 435 likes. More About John Anderson and Frances McCaw: B0005 St. Ann Parish Register  BMB Vol  I, 1765-1826, p. 36. More About Ulick Campbell and Margaret Gordon: Child of Harriett Martin is: Residence: 1820, St. Ann, More About Mary Rush Cocking: Information on their children is taken from Funeral Service programs, Tombstones, etc., and provided to this site by Dr. Edward Preston and Polly Lee. Marriage Fact 1: the Day and Month were missing from the copy record 6 v. Robert Augustus Moffat, born August 06, 1862. She was born May 28, 1846, and died October 29, 1896 in King Street, Falmouth, Trelawny1. 1. 9. The First Barrett … 9 v. Eulick Edward Campbell, born August 31, 1916 in Delve, Westmoreland; died October 18, 1978 in Delve, Westmoreland. 5. Age: July 1927, 25 years She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and grew up with two older siblings: Gillian and Aaron. Lena Ashmead Ewbank, born February 17, 1887 in Hodges Pen, Black River, St. Elizabeth6. 1854 - 1862, Barneyside, Westmoreland Race/nationality/color: 1793, Mustee March 20, 1842. Occupation 2: Bet. 11. October 06, 1863 - October 04, 1864. 1802.         2 i. Mary Ann Elizabeth2 Malcolm, born June 05, 1872 in Phoenix Town, Hanover. More About Nellie Veronica Campbell:          Occupation (2): 1855, Planter 4 iii. More About Alfred Notice: Race/nationality/color: Free person of colour, More About Joseph Cocking and Olive Anderson: ", More About Robert Braham and Mavis Campbell: B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877, V, p. 61 #2. If no parents are listed at a child's baptism, they were unmarried, as a general rule. She was born Abt. 1. Marriage banns: 1862 8. all in Portland. 2006 Tuscaloosa … She was born Bet. James B0057 St. Elizabeth Parish Register Baptism V & BMB  VI, 1845-1871, V, p. 659 #436. He married Ellen Ann Albertha Gilmore June 29, 1900 in Good Intent, St. Ann17, daughter of David Gilmore and Ann Thomas. Rebecca Hanlon, born August 03, 1775. Marriage Notes for Ulick Campbell and Margaret Gordon:          Marriage: October 05, 1887, St. Philip's Chapel, Brandon Hill, St. Andrew Residence: 1854, Westmoreland, More About Thomas Hill and Ann Kirlew: Children of John Anderson and Olive Gabandon are: 2 i. More About James McCoy and Mary Thomas: B0040 Jamaica Parish Register Marriage V& VI, 1842-1864, VI, p. 233 #31. Race/nationality/color: Quadroon. April 1908. At age two, he could read the United States Constitution. More About Alexander McBean: Children of Ulick Campbell and Margaret Gordon are: B0011 Jamaica Law 6 Register Baptisms II & III, 1872-1874, II, p. 103 #5. Occupation: 1844, Merchant 1816. 6 v. Eustace Gabriel Notice, born February 14, 1874. More About John Anderson: Marriage banns: 1864 6. Race/nationality/color: Brown. More About Olive [Olivia] Anderson: 3. Get information on events, contact family, and share memories. G. T. Armstrong at the St.Luke's Anglican Church, Cross Roads, St. Andrew. More About Frederick Archibald Campbell: 1. June 1900. James Children of George Moffat and Elizabeth Lawrence are: Nellie Veronica Campbell, born January 12, 1910 in Redorney, Westmoreland5; died September 16, 1975 in Kingston. James1 Hanlon was born Abt. Child of Jane OBrian is: 1816 2006 Tuscaloosa Alabama. B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877, IV, p. 108 #212. 1815 - 1816, and died September 1863. Research the Anderson family Start your family tree now. 1816.         11 i. Vernon Fitzclarence5 Anderson, born November 10, 1900. 2006 Tuscaloosa Alabama. Menu ☰ Who We Are . Residence (2): 1894, Malvern, St. Elizabeth. Race/nationality/color: Black complexion. Notes for Mary Jane Squire: Sydney Oliver Campbell, born July 03, 1925 in Delve, Westmoreland; died October 15, 1983 in Montego Bay, St. James. More About Joseph Denman Anderson: B0017 Jamaica Law 6 Baptisms IV & V, 1874-1877, V, p. 465 #16. People. More About Seyford Fitzire Lindo: 1808 - 1810. B0002 Jamaica Parish Register Baptisms IV-VII, 1834-1845, V, p. 8 #165. 1872 - 1877, Falmouth.         7 i. 1. Registrar Jane Shand Dunn, More About Edward Ewbank: All indications are that the brutal triple murder in Tryall Heights last week Sunday, involving 81-year-old Iciline McFarlane, her two grandchildren, 10-year-old Christina McFarlane and six-year-old Mishane McFarlane, was sparked by the activities of a relative, according to Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson.
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