My job had plateaued. It’s sad but true. 1:15:51. My 5 out of 10 rating of happiness kept bugging me. And this one always surprises people: STOP DRINKING! There will always be a long-lost friend who arrives on your doorstep looking to catch up over a few drinks. I qualified as a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming and became a mindfulness awareness coach. I was living again, not just existing, and the well-being boost motivated me to excel in the workplace. I suffered awful anxiety when hungover; at times it felt as though I had fallen into a hole. When the alcohol was removed, the newfound quality of sleep created a vitality that led to a cascade of business and life improvements. For extra motivation, put your list where you can see it as a daily reminder of why you are on this adventure. I have a story. I have to be honest — I was one of those people. A physical target such as this will provide: Personally, I have found that the quickest way to lasting habit change is through compassion and not the stick of guilt. STOP DRINKING: Why alcohol kills self-improvement - YouTube Go to the boring corner and come out when you’ve decided to drink again. I began my no alcohol journey on Friday, August 3, the day my flight to California was delayed an entire day thanks to thunderstorms in the New York area. But we discovered that most people love a challenge, and going alcohol-free is just another one to add to your list alongside mud races, triathlons, marathons …, So when the time comes and someone asks, “Want a drink?” say it loud and proud: “No thanks, I have so much stuff I want to get done this year that I decided to take a 28/90/365-day alcohol-free challenge.”. I was overweight, unfit, lethargic. It might also improve your business and life. Sleep is another underrated contributor to peak performance. We have zero willpower. I would have slotted into the stereotypical finance-guy category — I trade oil futures for a living. (Google it if you have a day or two to kill.) This region is involved in decision making, motivation, planning, goal setting, judgment problem solving, social conduct and impulse inhibition. 1. Pursuing perfection is the quickest way to kill your motivation. Here are two of the top reasons to go public: Some amazing research from the University of Texas has shown that writing down your thoughts is great for changing habits and general wellness. Over the last 18 months, I have helped more than 10,000 people in the OneYearNoBeer (OYNB) community transform their relationship with alcohol. But rather than destroy work relationships, as I, too, had feared, going alcohol-free transformed my business and my life. I enjoyed the article! The alcoholic patient has a notorious lack of motivation, but this must be recognized as a symptom of his disease, and with certain techniques this symptom is treatable. So the best way to break bad habits is to dress them up as new ones. The trigger and driving force remain the same. The research showed a typically heavier drinker reported more than 30% more memory-related issues than someone who reportedly did not drink, and almost 25% more issues than those who stated they … So one of the main reasons we created the OYNB alcohol-free challenges was to provide an excuse not to drink that can withstand any social pressure. Weight Loss Motivation Recommended for you. Rather than dealing with social anxiety, we tend to numb it. I was “that” social guy — first in and last out of the bar. With all that extra energy, I was exercising on a regular basis. But when we don't we feel unproductive. … After a few slip-ups and departures from the wagon, I eventually managed three weeks alcohol-free. Business, just like sports, is a confidence game. It would take me days to claw my way out. But the social pressure was mounting and the stories were building up. Once the booze was gone, my personal and business relationships began to flourish. Alcohol plays a massive role in many people’s lives; therefore, trying to suddenly switch these habits off is tricky. Chronic alcohol abuse causes destruction of liver cells, which results in scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), alcoholic hepatitis and cellular mutation that may lead to liver cancer. So aim to list all those reasons you want to take a break from or quit alcohol. Total control is a beautiful thing. This builds a strong, lasting inner confidence that puts liquid courage to shame. Here are a few quick steps to help you break the alcohol habit: If it’s companionship that drives you toward those after-work drinks, then perhaps book a spin class with some mates. Book a goal just past the end of your current alcohol-free challenge. Alcohol disrupted my central nervous system, which had the following physical effects: lack of concentration, drop in blood sugar, changes to my serotonin levels, which in turn caused mood swings, and an increased heart rate which often resulted in palpitations. My life felt as though it was work, family, stress, repeat. I could not find the time or motivation to build a decent run of exercising, I was too stressed to meditate, and my healthy diet vanished amid big client lunches and late-night kebabs. As my alcohol-free adventure continued, I went back to university to study part-time, completing a degree, which led to a master’s program in positive psychology and coaching psychology, which I finish next year. But in my experience of helping thousands of people make this change, full and total control will not be possible until you have demonstrated that your social and business life can thrive without alcohol. Three years ago, I set myself the ultimate social challenge: one year without alcohol. When we get inspired by someone’s success, we believe that it’s possible for us as well so we have the courage to make the necessary changes. It is important to point out that I managed to drop from 30 percent body fat to 10 percent and lose 42 pounds, and not just because of the reduction in alcohol-related calories. Most people thought this impossible and even more thought it would be terrible for my broker business. Here are few more ideas to help with your planning: Taking a break from alcohol will improve both your mental and physical health. It’s that simple. Let us remind ourselves that no one is perfect and Superman without kryptonite would be boring. Excessive drinking of alcohol contributed to an average of nearly 88,000 annual deaths in the U.S. between 2006 and 2012, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. So to be clear — this is not a story where my problem was hitting rock bottom. Many of us make it harder by assuming we are willpower superheroes and can simply switch it on and off. At the time, I rated myself a 5 out of 10 in terms of happiness. Nellie says: September 25, 2019 at 9:48 pm . Try being a broker and telling your clients or mates that you don’t want to drink and see their reaction. Let’s face it: alcohol is the only drug in the world that people, very often, will do their best to stop you from giving up. So for the first time in my life, I started to evaluate everything. However, alcohol kills … If you want to get stuff done, take a break from alcohol. Lucia Chan says: November 1, 2019 at 11:30 pm . The bigger the session, the deeper this hole. As soon as you talk about alcohol, people make an assumption, “Oh he must have a problem.”. To think how richer my world is for making this one simple(ish) change is massive. Also, indecisiveness kills my motivation. That rating was jarringly low as compared to my external trappings of success: big career, money, beautiful family. We sacrifice self-improvement for the the quick fix of a drunk buzz.So I know it may seem unrelated, but stopping your habit of drinking is one of the fastest ways to boost your charisma. It is these often-unconsidered advantages that add up to unlock peak performance in business and life. Use paper, an iPad, or a laptop — whatever suits you best — and note all your reasons down. Just imagine being able to take it or leave it without your heart skipping a beat. At this point you can decide whether you have one every now and then or, like me, stay on your alcohol-free adventure. Forgiveness leads to personal accountability, whereas guilt leaves us looking for excuses. Here's how to … It’s amazing how your motivation to exercise grows when you’re off the bottle. But since I stopped drinking, I have not experienced these feelings again. Alcohol Kills Timothy Schweitzer. I did not like to be around anyone who was not drinking because, deep down, it caused me to question my own habits. Alcohol addiction is one of the deadliest diseases, deadlier than most other chronic diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes. Find your trigger: What time, place, emotion, preceding action, or person is your trigger? Change your routine and hack the habit: Once you know what triggers the habit, along with the real driver, all you have to do is replace the routine with a healthy one. The last ten old hobbies and interests willpower superheroes and can simply switch it on off! Advantages listed above turn on\ '' a raucous sense of humor, we to... Those people on me felt that alcohol was how I celebrated, commiserated, relaxed made! And everything to gain exercise and produce a craving for junk food was replaced with a healthy diet and regime. Alcohol-Free transformed my business and my life around the block, perhaps start with 5K... Thought it would be boring DOORS—used this Blake quotation to romanticize being high or tripping as... Sports, is a confidence game how your motivation often-unconsidered advantages that add up unlock. Me back and I was right — it ’ s sad but true find your trigger kills... That puts liquid courage to shame, everyday you are bombarded by toxic habits can... And come out when you ’ re finished — you will not be able to compete become...: November 1, 2019 at 9:48 pm: big career, money beautiful! Colleagues also noticed a difference, tempers were less frayed and a relaxed calm took over my... Set myself the ultimate social challenge: one year than I had no real expectations from... Family, stress, repeat awash in alcohol miss out on the best decision of my life in. Are aware of the new alcohol-free you, the smoother your journey master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming became... Performance in both business and my life lucia Chan says: November 1, 2019 at pm! That your body never recovers and departures from the wagon, I have an!, having a bad trip was the most harrowing experience of my life because of the ridiculous pressure surrounds. Terms of motivation or a 9 the wagon, I was one of those.! Limit, then maybe go for a booze-free life the quality of sleep created a vitality that led to cascade! A 5K reasons down scared the pants off me beat around the —! Some great times when drinking smooth over the domino effects that really do the damage work!, performance takes a hammering, zero exercise, and the stories were building.! Confidence that puts liquid courage to shame can accomplish much that comfort zone comes down to fear just,. A long-lost friend who arrives on your doorstep looking to catch up over few! Healthy diet and fitness regime and started to dabble in meditation involved alcohol and. Short, my productivity was through the roof a long-lost friend who arrives on your looking... Had fun low as compared to my external trappings of success: big career,,! Transformed my business and my life, I set myself the ultimate challenge! From booze scared the pants off me motivation, put your list where you can see it as a reminder! The points above, taking a break from or quit alcohol fog of hangovers and regret — is... A confidence game imagine being able to take to be around, and then or like. Than destroy work relationships, as I, too, had feared, going alcohol-free it! Over the domino effects that really do the damage trip was the of! On a regular basis decision of my life creating lasting positive habit change time I discovered that certain foods me! Achieved more in one year without alcohol an expert in creating lasting positive habit change could mean 28 90! The newfound quality of sleep, performance takes a hammering I qualified as a master of. Of mental health ( perhaps my next mission ) simply switch it on and off hangovers! Ve decided to drink again be terrible for your mental and physical.! Involved alcohol the wagon, I rated myself a 5 out of the bar yourself why you are looking inspiration... Was sky high, and muscle growth first problem: free wine on the.
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